Communication & Psychic Abilities

SnapShot of the Energy of Language

We teach a simple method that activates the episodic memory network to enhance focus externally. The 7 chakra system adheres to the 7 houses of PSYCHIC ABILITIES beyond just the five senses.  

House of Clairalience (1): I need – World has

House of Clairgustance (2): I want – World has

House of Clairorientation (3): I am – (You are not)

House of Clairsentience (4): We are

House of Clairaudience (5): You are – (I am too)

House of Clairvoyance (6): The world is – (We are too)

House of Claircognizance (7): The universe is – (As I am)

This model has aided clients, helping them to express their world perspective and explore the paradigms held in each house. People with PTSD often are struggling in the first 3 houses. Their needs in the first house have been threatened, their wants in the second house, which are solutions to those needs, are in conflict leaving them with unmet expectations, that then affect their orientation of self in the 3rd house. The 3rd house is the house of orientation and the lower two houses hold their internal world that supports their 3rd house. When a trauma occurs their relationship with the world changes and prevents balance moving into the fourth house and above where unity is required.  If the two houses below are fragile or too ridged the 3rd house pendulums and creates a feedback loop with the first two houses. This leaves fear of survival mixed with anger of unmet expectation to produce wrath, hypervigilance, depression, etc. The upper houses of connection, voice, sight, and knowing become hypersensitive, leaving love, gratitude, and hope to be compromised.

By using the language statements in the model above clients begin to grasp the issues or new programs that the traumatized individual can not adapt to. Once they have been identified the process of implementing existential thought and allowing the mystical aspects of the conscious mind to surface begins the healing process. Thus, the individual can move from the conflict of present orientation to reevaluating purpose of existence, concept of reality, idea of death and permanence, and any other non-tangible concepts that would allow for a more antifragile foundation. The method has proven beneficial as a protocol for mind expansion therapy through linguistical analysis.

            Clients reach a point often where they realize their need for control, or projection of things or matter that is abstract and unfounded. Many find that what they search for outside of themselves often is at the sacrifice of the very same thing within themselves.

            When a client’s mind accepts things beyond their control or address old paradigms that conflict with being a part of a greater whole, they then begin to experience a shift of perception. Seeing the future, the past, the observable and the unseen, allows one to reestablish orientation in the present (Kasemir, NP).

These houses when healed allow for clear sensing of which ESP phenomena become evident. Here in the above example, one used clairsentience of the 4th house to feel empathy for others need for self-control and opened one’s 3rd eye using the 6th house of clairvoyance to see a reality where they are more alive and empowered. These were activated through healing the 3rd house of clairorientation and creating a noticeably clear sense of separation (self and world) in time and space. This tool helps an individual create a flexible evolving identity that cooperates with the changes in his or her environment.