Having psychic abilities without guidance can be very emotionally taxing and overwhelming in our day to day encounters. When society fully adopts these abilities as normal and achievable by everyone, then it will provide the support needed culturally. Until then, other spiritual centers and us at Panthers Gate  are here to serve and guide the future leaders of our society to bring about a more collective whole. Our future will be in the here and now soon, the spiritual renaissance is upon us, and individuals all over the world are studying, learning, and reawakening their innate divine given gifts. Unfortunately our world is still in the dark ages so to speak. We must shed the light into the darkness to enter the golden age upon us.

We currently lack businesses in the fields of alternative healing to employ or support new teachers or shamans entering the field. Without the knowledge to create the supply and demand for a new business, these spiritualists are in mass dealing with deficits. In the most spiritual of community hubs the people are still with dreams but are lacking grounding and root. Here at Panthers Gate, we are fortunate that our founder has created a PROFESSIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL OF SPIRITUAL HEALTH that is reflective of a future vision where centers like ours will be as commonplace as shopping malls.  

When we learn how to fine tune our gifts or even expand our gifts in other areas, these senses will strengthen over time. When we root down and create a solid foundation of stability that meets our needs to support our path, then the limitations otherwise imposed, no longer play apart in how we SEE and FEEL this world.

"I don't have to see it to believe it, I can FEEL it" Rev. J

Are you an Empath that often feels, hears or sense other peoples thoughts and emotions?

Do you have vivid dreams, premonitions or manifest things into your reality?

Or do you talk with or see spirits, auras and other clairvoyant abilities that distract you daily?

From the F.L.A.S.H. methodology, state, and P.S.P realms, our classes offer a Gateway to understanding, Alchemy, Empathy, Self-Healing, and more, to enhance the spiritual and esoteric development of each member who steps forward to embark upon a new and different path. 

Awareness is the first step to cultivating our gifts. Panthers Gate Psychic Development teaches First Level and second level courses for new and experienced students and members that are looking for a private space to explore topics of divination, fortune telling, mysticism, shamanism, and psychic development.

Further Dr. Reverned J Kasemir has created the ROOT DOWN METHOD to help spiritualist understand how to create success that supports their spiritual path. For those looking to create a spiritual practice, students have the ability to move onto level three. Where we teach people how to access, enhance, and utilize their abilities through fostering a practice that builds upon it as a resource for others through integrity and service.  Rather than just passing out certificates of completion, members can opt to further their development into creating their own practice and aiding to serve their communities.

Mondays & Tuesdays 



Transformation of the Mind, Body, Spirit

Spiritual Alchemy is a transformation of the internal world through a life-long practice of calcination. To walk the path of an alchemist, one must be prepared to let go of all the layers and false beliefs of what it means to be human, and unlock the potential every person has to transform from the inside out. Panthers Gate class series on Alchemy is a private space to awaken the internal alchemist for those who are called to walk this path. Are you ready to burn away the sediment blocking your expansion and floating in the abyss of the unknown if it means freeing your self from the shackles of your past?

Explore the 7 levels of transformation, study of the philosophers stone, and truly gain the insight of a seer, by letting go of the lesser matter and becoming the better state, in which is your spirit. 

Taught by the Founder herself, Mrs. Kasemir, every class is in depth and transformative. 

Wed- Thurs - Fri 6pm Sat 1pm 

As a sentient being, one can easily feel overwhelmed in any environment or person. Many of us have spent a majority of our lives feeling disconnected from ourselves as we take in the emotions, thoughts and impressions from the external world. In In Psychic Alchemy, learn new tools and insights that make being an empath one of the greatest gifts. Learn how to expand on your abilities to sense others and how to use it to help yourself and others heal. 



As a healer, sometimes it takes coming home to yourself and getting to know what lies at the core of our emotional traumas, physical ailments and mental thought patterns.

Self-Awareness is the first step to taking control of ones life and expanding into a new state of being. Join us for a discussion on self-healing and learn new skills and insights to help you along your spiritual path of self-mastery.

At Panthers Gate, every Sunday morning, we gather in community to heal and journey through conversations of existentialism, expanding ones awareness and how to connect with others on a deeper level. We start the morning off with a 30min Gong Immersion to heal through the vibrations and frequency of sound, and then open the circle for an intuitive conversation that is different every week. We ask that everyone brings a blanket or pillow to support their journey and an open mind.

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday at 10am

*Berthoud $20

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 10am

*Boulder $20


Healers Share

A Sacred Space for Healers to Trade & Practice

Are you a healer or practitioner looking to connect with other healers? Are you desiring a space to practice your modality and learn more about others through hands on experience?

Our Healers Shares are open to modalities from Reiki, Heal n Touch, Tibetan Cranial to Shamanic Healing, Reflexology and more!