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We teach Autopneumatosophy ©.
The Self Analysis of Spirit.

This course "Root Medicine" is part of the Autopneumatosophy curriculum and teaches COSMOLOGY esoterically: alchemy, theurgy, astrology, and herbology.

Through the process of Root Medicine, we learn of it, use it, experience it, and have fundamentally transformed the process itself.

Class Courses in Root Medicine

Root Medicine is comprised of many different classes that makes up 1/3rd of the Autopnuematosophy Curriculum. These classes are primarily geared to sharpen the mind and to deprogram conditional thinking, and unlock new ways of processing. Here a student can learn a variety of skill sets and disciplines that when combined properly enables a student to heal and heal others as a guide to a different life.



Saturdays - 3pm

Learn about the Magical, Metaphysical, Medicinal, and ceremonial uses of these sacred beings.

Magic Course.jpg

Magic & The Occult

Fridays  - 6pm

Learn about the paranormal theories, practices, and science behind the veil. Become a practitioner and help others.



Wed 6pm, Thu 8pm, & Sat 2pm

Learn how to make, interpret, and use Astrology charts to rise above fate and to have a hand in destiny.



Coming soon!

Understanding the concept of a higher power, the responsibility of ethics and morality when working on a collective scale.



Personal Sessions Available

Learn about and awaken your spirit - You must know the matter you are working with in order to transform it.


Tarot- & Divination

Saturdays - 1pm

Learn about the hero's, Hangman's, and the Fool's Journey. Discover more than how to just interpret, intuit, or psychically tap the cards. Uncover the key to having them work for you! 

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