Anxiety and Clairsentience

Anxiety can make it difficult to focus on solutions and trust your decisions.

Anxiety affects your world view and reduces the quality of living. Whether it is due to childhood experiences or current stressors, anxiety feeds the cycle of endless inquiry, doubt or confusion, and need to control or dominate your environment.

For many people who suffer from anxiety, it produces discomfort in interactions privately, socially, and publicly, while others may become depressed or angry due to the need to change their environment. For those of you who struggle with anxiety-related empathy, the levels of emotional frustration is often compounded by others well-meaning but typically condescending words of “don’t over react” or “your just a sensitive being, it will be ok”. The effort to show compassion only shows you more  of the disconnect you have with people. People trying to make things seem less than they are in order to help actually tend to invalidate what you know and feel to be true.

The constant “why am I feeling this way, or what if …” and self or world-doubt that are a result of anxiety often affects your sleep quality. Our most relaxed state leaves us to be the most Clair-sensitive to our inner and exterior world, thus creating a clash. This either creates insomnia, or the minds inability to trust sleeping while desiring it, or it create nightmares, the lucid dreams that bring fears forward. These states will eventually affect concentration and focus on daily life, and your ability to restore and recuperate energetically declines.

Many who suffer from anxiety do not know there are tools out there to transform it into a heightened state of ability, simply because there are so many tools out there for management. If you feel that your sensitivity seems like a curse or that you are exhausted trying to find a way to simply manage it, wanting to avoid medication, and stop the stigma that comes with it all, then know that you are not alone in this goal.

Anxiety is not a disorder as many believe, we believe it is an awakened sense that needs guidance.

Anxiety is a “motivational response” to environmental stimuli. When we pick up energy that is not always definable, or understandable; the energy floods our senses to solve the overwhelming information that is being absorbed.

Privately your needs and expectations of performance or preparedness are seemingly out of reach…

Socially your desire to create connection or express connection seems unachievable or blocked…

Even the ability to publicly influence or change the environment that you are in feels oppressive and daunting…

Yet your innate ability to gather information is hyper charged, and by being proactive, discerning, and ready to deduce a solution that brings manageable outcomes will have a direct impact on your ability to meet your needs and expectations, express yourself and connect with theirs meaningfully, and achieve positive influence over your environment.

Anxiety can be healthy in any amount if you have the tools to utilize it and transform it into a skill you are in control of.

With proper guidance and understanding of its mental, emotional, and physical implications, you can then begin to gain the tools and insights to better yours and your loved one’s lives...


So, what really is anxiety?

Many offer different and even professional opinions on this. We believe that the parts of the brain that manages fear also manages our orientation in our environment. With ongoing conditioning from an environment of constant change, we can get mixed signals due to language, time, and space perception and receptivity. These signals overtime become crossed and then develop excessive and deficient pathways of energetic connection. Our mind then requires a sort of defragmentation and tune up. With the past experience of mass incoming and storing of information, the ability to sense and know more is heightened. Unfortunately, our world tends to use prescriptions or other therapies to numb or block this flow. We rather flush out the tunnel then dam it. Flush out the neuropathways will turn your anxiety from a curse to a gift.

Many tend to avoid, block, or numb the flood of information, only to have it manifest in other areas of their life that can create physical pain, emotional withdraw, and even forgetfulness.

Clairsentient Training and Enviro-management can help…

The best way to learn to transform and use your anxiety is through clairsentient practice. It will not only help you to understand what exactly is affecting you but the results of transforming it can be life-changing. E.O.L. and P.M.O. Therapy can help you to unlock the gift behind anxiety and use it in ways that help you and others live a better life. It will ultimately teach you how to:


Become clairsentient

Gain new insight and perspective into the world both visible and invisible

Transform your mindset from dualistic to neutral

Manage expectations and create social comfort

Create acceptance and understanding

Enhance communication and connection with others

Discover your soul personality

Elevate your esteem and sense of self

In reality, you will learn how to transform your triggers, utilize instinctual fears and dissolve programmed ones, and shift your awareness to a world of unlimited potential.


We will assess where you are at, where you want to go, and what tools you have gain from your past. Then we will help you to unlock your hidden power.


So, this can help me to control my anxiety?

No. It will help you to transform it into a gift. Controlling is only suppressing it, and you.

Our work together will reveal how and why your mind and body is responding to your environment leaving you triggered and disconnected. We help to reveal your soul ability.

Because of the current environmental climate today, we also offer training online through Zoom and other platforms so anyone can receive guidance from the comfort of their home or office. Our in-person training is available for those in Northern Colorado or those who wish to do a 4 week intensive. To learn more contact us through the link at the bottom of the page.


What can I do until I am ready for training to help relieve stress from anxiety now?

Get your body moving. Regular physical activity helps to keep energy mobile throughout your system instead of being trapped and can regulate hormones that will chemically trigger you mentally.

Meditate or find time for self-healing, being away from an environment that is over stimulating can help reduce the system flow. By reducing stimulus, you reduce the amount of information your mind and body must process.


Journal your thoughts and find the top 1% of what you wrote as being the most important thing to focus on and stay focused on it until completed. Take things one step at a time.

Get out and connect with others. Quality over quantity. Work on more intimate and close relationships that bring you comfort and then work on expanding the time you send with them or the number of new people in your social group. Sometime new information can solve old, limited information.

We believe we can help when your ready to transform and renew your life.

Contact us today to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Be ready to step through that door to a bigger and brighter life.