Spiritual Counseling Services

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Anxiety & Empathy

Empathy Management & Mindscape Navigation

Clairsentient Training and Enviro-management can help…

The best way to learn to transform and use your anxiety is through clairsentient practice. It will not only help you to understand what exactly is affecting you but the results of transforming it can be life-changing. E.O.L. and P.M.O. Therapy can help you to unlock the gift behind anxiety and use it in ways that help you and others live a better life. It will ultimately teach you how to:


Become clairsentient

Gain new insight and perspective

Transform your mindset

Manage expectations and create social comfort

Create acceptance and understanding

Enhance communication and connection with others

Discover your soul personality

Elevate your esteem and sense of self

In reality, you will learn how to transform your triggers, utilize instinctual fears and dissolve programmed ones, and shift your awareness to a world of unlimited potential.

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Trauma & PTSD

Deprogramming & Healing as a Survivor

How Will Transformational Therapy Help You Recover From Trauma?

By providing a safe, supportive, and confidential space to learn about what it is and how it affects you, you can then begin to gain tools of empowerment that will help you to identify your healing requirements and  achieve your ideal future state.

Our methods allow for a proper space to converse about the traumatic event safely and with proper perspectives, which allows you to process the emotional, mental, and physical energy that was left. We can help transform your state of being into one the serves your life goals and purpose.


All our therapies help in healing trauma.

Many were specifically created to address trauma. With a world full of change, it is inevitable foe anyone to experience it in their life. These healing and transformational tools are not just to heal the past, but also to prepare you for the future and what it holds.

Let us journey together…

We are all connected and being able to reestablish it helps to prevent isolation, alienation, and estrangement. Stop feeling alone and misunderstood, and instead feel empowered and alive.

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Paranormal MO Therapy

Paranormal Mindset-Orientated Therapy

Paranormal Psychodynamic Energetic Cognizance focuses on deprogramming limited belief systems and helps to establish the belief that through alignment of interconnected consciousness we can manifest experiences and alter our history. This holistic process involves the healer and client journeying through 7 layers of being, 5 layers of consciousness, to learn how to process feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and situations from the past, present, and future, to in order to better adapt and influence our circumstances and self-world view. The objective goal of Paranormal Mindsight-Oriented therapy is to empower you with true clarity so that you have the freedom to create and manifest a life you are motivated to live.

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Attunement of the mind, body, soul through the episodic memory network

Soulscaping is a powerful holistic tool that utilizing spiritual-scientific  knowledge of how our core processing and spiritual understanding works.  Soulscaping helps to access information from 5 layers of consciousness that lie beyond the physical attributes of the psyche.  It identifies, processes, and helps to dissolve the false thoughts, sensations, and emotions that hold you immobilized in life in a more holistic and evolutionary way than most clinical therapies.

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E.O.L. Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Communication

This process is focused on addressing energetic thought patterns, energetic physical and emotional behaviors, as well as creating spiritual tools to maintain management of them. Our research has shows that EOL is very effective at creating new skills for self empowerment and awareness.

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Hypnotherapy Guided Meditation


Hypnosis can help impact positive life changes. Our personal guided sessions include physical and mental relaxation, imagery, to partially induce you and help with pain management, stress reduction, and self-esteem.

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EmP.O.W.E.R.ment Therapy

Deprogramming through Desensitization & Reprocessing

Addresses negative trauma that creates intrusive thoughts and memories, nightmares, and triggered episodes. It teaches clients how to really let go of reliving past events and see how they can move forward to create a future they want. It utilizes P.P.F. Feedback Processing and E.M.N. Clearing.

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Mindfulness Therapy

Active Engagement of Conscious & Unconscious Inner Communication Network

Through consistent practice, like mindfulness meditation, focus and understanding can be achieved and is essential in orienting ourselves in a world we often feel separate from. Mindfulness teaches perception shifting to counteract negative paradigms, contradictions, and immobility, that inhibit positive actions and thought which serve to aid in our overall development & enjoyment. This unique and uncirculated technique is extremely powerful for busy minded practitioners who feel emptying the mind doesn't work for them. 

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Relationship Conflict

PSP & IAP Development

details coming soon...

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What Clients Say

"There is no better feeling than becoming empowered in my relationship with self and respecting my boundaries thanks to therapy with Panthers Gate"

What to Expect

Step One

Phone Consultation

Our relationship will start with a free 20-minute consultation to better understand your needs and how we best serve you. We’ll also address any questions or concerns you may have and make sure that we are a excellent  fit for your needs.

Step Two


Once you’ve completed your free 20-minute phone consultation, we will discuss the best methods of scheduling and put your information into our record system. You’ll then be emailed your "Onboarding Relationship Existential Consultant" contact information, your online assessment and orientation forms to fill out.

Step Three

P-REC Appt

Upon completion of paperpwork, we will schedule your first appointment with your P-Rec.

Step Four

Meet Your P-REC

Next, you’ll get to meet your "Primary Relationship Existential Counselor" and start your healing program – your therapist will work with learn the tools for meeting your needs.


Life & Business Coaching

Coming Soon!

Our Guides are here for you! Engage in thought provoking discourse to discovers steps toward personal transformation, self-awareness, purpose, and inspired confidence.

Are you ready to take control of your world?

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