Root Intensive Counseling & Consulting Services


Healing is often more painful than the trauma itself, but when you work with an existential guide, someone who has faced suicide, hell, abuse, etc., their deep level of compassion and dedication to transformation will help in sorting through the trauma, beliefs, and root sediment that holds us back. As we reveal and transform our experiences, we are able to rebuild and reconnect with our relationships, self-worth, and purpose in life.

Roots are our foundation that lay the groundwork for our sub-conscious patterns and beliefs. When we feel drained, overwhelmed, or disconnected, the roots in which we relied on to keep us grounded begin uprooting and creating chaos in our lives. Root Workers are the medicine keepers who can hear, see, and navigate the roadblocks in our heart and/or communication to help us break through the old paradigms and create new perspectives for a fulfilling future.

Timeless Healing

Transform your life beyond time and space and learn new perspectives of the past to create a new future.


Develop deeper relationships through learning communication patterns & how to speak from energy centers.

Intuitive Sessions

Receive insights and clarity around blockages and root traumas that may be subconsciously suppressed.