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For all current alchemy and spiritual warrior students we now have an online portal for our classes in the Quick Links section below. Password Hint: "What is the emotion of the 1st house?"

Chinese Warrior Statues

Warrior Path

Train like a warrior through Martial Arts training in all classes from Interdisciplinary (weapon defense, sparring, conditioning, and more), Tai Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong. As a martial artist you will develop skills for coordination, balance, muscle retention, alignment and internal healing. Emotionally and mentally you will notice a higher awareness, effective communication, self-confidence and emotional stability.

Respecting Tradition.JPG

Root Medicine Walker 

In this course we combine the studies of the Root Medicine path and implement the work into Warrior training to develop the discipline of a Spiritual Warrior for those who are dedicated to growth and transformation from the Root up. This path asks for an ongoing commitment to self and showing up to do the work and push through resistance, trusting that the reward is far greater than any challenge.


Root Alchemist Path

Experience life from the path of Root Alchemist through our intuitive development classes from Esoteric studies, Spiritual Alchemy, Psychic Development and Navigating life as an Empath. Through intensive training mentally, emotionally and spiritually, our students in this program come through the other side with a sense of calmness, freedom and greater connection with self.

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