Energy of Language Therapy

There are moments in our lives where we experience negative thought patterns about ourselves or the world that affect our interactions and create disconnection.


When these energetic thought patterns are negative and persistent, they affect our behavior and perception, thus altering our belief system in a maladaptive way.  This then can create triggers in our environment that reinforce the thought pattern only to cement it in and alter our personalities and expectations…

Many are not consciously aware of these patterns nor their effects, but sometimes can notice that there environment is not in harmony with their inner world. These changes are ongoing at the deeper layers of consciousness.

This often leads to feeling confined, restricted, or immobilized. The more we try to resist it, the more it breaks us down to feelings of being broken, unworthy, or hopeless.

This estrangement from our world beckons for an existential crisis, and often for some with no foundation can lead to thoughts of suicide. This pattern at the early stages exhibits tendency towards isolation, impulsion, coping addictions, and other serious psychological issues.


At times, we might turn to isolation, act impulsively, or use food or alcohol to “numb” the thoughts and feelings that are so distressing.  If not addressed over time, these sorts of things can lead to more serious emotional and psychological issues.

How can E.O.L. Help?

This process is focused on addressing energetic thought patterns, energetic physical and emotional behaviors, as well as creating spiritual tools to maintain management of them. Our research has shown that EOL is very effective at creating new skills for self-empowerment and awareness. The Energy of Language Therapy has been developed as a tool to remember the universal language of telepathy.

It is effective at mending cross wired connection in the neural pathway of the brain.


It has shown to improve:


Relationship and Communication Issues

Self Image, Identity Issues,  and Depression

PTSD, Anxiety, & Panic Attacks

Doubt. Confusion, and Brain Fog



It is a method to breaking free from the psychological prison of societal programming

Do you feel trapped, constrained, or pretending to be happy? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Do you feel that you have no control over your life, or that your inability to influence change in a positive way is blocked?

Do you see yourself repeating the same negative behaviors, making mistakes, and suffering the affects that are out of your control?

E.O.L for Depression

Typically negative and self-sabotaging thoughts surface when people are depressed, it is after all the easiest thing to control. Due to our perceived ability to have no control over outside factors we turn inwards and begin to self-destruct. This causes sadness and exhaustion, and the inability to feel connected with others.  The goal of the healer is to transform your thought patterns to help you identify your resources and enable problem solving to better your foundation. This foundational repair helps to change the situation that produces depression, thus creating mobility and success.

The primary thing E.O.L does is help you to bridge your thoughts, feelings, actions, with your world perceptions.

Even the slightest change in perception can create huge impacts, and E.O.L. helps to focus on positive shifts for positive effects.

E.O.L. For Anxiety

Those who suffer from anxiety often feel untrusting of themselves or their environment. It creates separation and disconnect, producing unhealthy living habits that reduce the quality of life.

Learning to connect our inner and outer worlds through full attunement of our mind, body, spirit whole self, allows us to track a better rhythm and flow within our world. E.O.L focuses on the root of our fears and helps us identify the resources in our environment and with in to problem solve or to allow time to process accurately the unknown factors that are unprovable.

Both anxiety and depression are interlinked through the thoughts of needs and wants, and the expectation of fulfillment. Without the proper tools, to which E.O.L. can provide, many are left bouncing back and forth between the two. We can help.


Is E.O.L. a good choice for me?

If you have the commitment to improve your life and only need the tools to transform it, then we can help.

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Communication and Clairaudient Ability

Snapshot of the Energy of Language

Language of the Chakras© 

At Panthers Gate Metaphysics® we teach a remarkably simple method to tap into the episodic memory network and bring one’s perceptual focus to things outside of itself. The structure loosely follows the 7 chakras as they are popularly known and more adheres to the 7 houses of PSYCHIC ABILITIES beyond just the five senses. 

House of Clairalience (1): I need – World has

House of Clairgustance (2): I want – World has

House of Clairorientation (3): I am – (You are not)

House of Clairsentience (4): We are

House of Clairaudience (5): You are – (I am too)

House of Clairvoyance (6): The world is – (We are too)

House of Claircognizance (7): The universe is – (As I am)

This model helps my clients to express their world perspective and explore the paradigms held in each house. When a trauma occurs their relationship with the world changes.

By using the language statements in the model above an individual can move from the conflict of present orientation to reevaluating purpose of existence, concept of reality, idea of death and permanence, and any other non-tangible concepts that would allow for a more antifragile foundation. The method has proven beneficial as a protocol for mind expansion therapy through linguistical analysis. Below is an example of a fully executed thought which deprograms old beliefs.

            Clients reach a point often where they realize their need for control, or projection of things or matter that is abstract and unfounded. A Therapist then offers a different solution to a base need that has been uncovered, by following the Protocols within the E.O.L. Method.

This method creates new solid paradigms that is healthier and more adaptive than the previous one which created a maladaptive feedback loop.

            From the expansion of the clients mind accepting things beyond their control or address old paradigms that conflict with being a part of a greater whole, they then begin to experience a shift of perception. Seeing the future, the past, the observable and the unseen, allows one to reorient in the present.

Using the seven house method in the Language of the Chakras© enables one to reintegrate into society with a more adaptive psychology than the one MP provides.

Are you a healer or a therapist and wish to learn a new protocol to help others?

Or maybe a potential client seeking alternatives to addressing issues as illness and wish to see your empowerment?

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