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​At Panthers’ Gate, we are committed to fostering community with our ceremonies and events. We regularly host fairs and festivals throughout the year featuring live music, magical rituals, and metaphysical vendors plus specific ceremonies and events generally centered around solstices and pagan holidays. 

Gong Immersion–Sound Healing with Panthers Paw

Sundays 10:00am—11:20am

Panthers Gate Metaphysics School and Store, Mountain Avenue, Berthoud, CO, USA

Bring pillows, blankets, and a mind waiting to be cleared and opened. Join a community with the intent of healing with sound, sometimes accompanied by breathwork or a closing ceremony. Panthers Paw facilitates the gong's desire to speak many languages and hit unimagined tones and frequencies that heal you on every vibratory level. Imagine traveling into the deep, cosmic hole of space and hearing the depths of your soul speak back to you. We look forward to seeing you!

Scheduled Events

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