Panthers Gate Policy Updates

Panthers Gate South
1629 Canyon Blvd, Boulder
Colorado, 80302
(303) 386-3114


Panthers Gate North
357 Mountain Ave, Berthoud
Colorado, 80513
(970) 344-5729


Important Alerts

Before you come to visit our shops and events, or take any classes, we wanted to make you aware of the potential schedule changes and policy updates due to the current pandemic environment. The management team at both locations are currently monitoring the latest in governmental and local policies. However, please note that there is no change to the operating status of our schools at this time.

We encourage you to actively stay up to date with pandemic situations in the Larimer and boulder counties before arriving. 

Please note:  The recent mandates require all non-vaccinated individuals for (COVID-19) to wear a mask, and in Boulder County currently applies also to vaccinated individuals.

Pet Policy

This property welcomes ADA service animals. Pets are not permitted inside the building. We welcome animals that are escorted with proper fur-parents who clean up after their pets and assume all risks associated with pet attendance, knowing that we are not responsible for any acts or behavior resulting from pet members.

Official Information

Due to a government order, face coverings are required non-vaccinated guests and associates when inside shop, classrooms, hallways, fitness areas, common areas, or anywhere else in the building except when an individual is unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability. Please visit the local government website for more information for facial covering requirements, etc.

Our Policy: We find it unethical at this time to ask for proof of vaccination, nor do we understand the medical research against or in support of vaccines and covid-19 itself. We respect everyone's individual right to privacy and we respect community health guidelines.

  • Please wear a mask (vaccine or not) if you are concerned about getting or giving COVID. In Boulder county it is currently a mandate.

  • Please do not attend or patron the facility if you are sick, been exposed to anyone who could have been sick, or in mass populated areas that do not practice health safety.

  • Please use Hand sanitizer before checking out retail or working out in classes.

  • Please be aware that you have an individual responsibility to your health and others.

Please Note: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is highly contagious. As is the case with any public place, we cannot guarantee that you will not encounter others at our facility who are contagious; however, we want you to know that we are committed to sanitary cleanliness and our enhanced safety measures in response to COVID-19.

General Property Updates

The North and South studio will require lifetime membership to have program access to both locations until further notice. 

  • Currently the Annual Membership is good per one location.

  • When and if, Covid shutdowns are in place, we will open dual membership to all members. 

Effective May 1, 2020, the Warrior,  Alchemist, and Spiritual Warrior Classes are available online. Fees associated with access to recorded videos will be in place and available upon request. 

Amenity Status

The current status of facility amenities and services is subject to change at any time due to health and safety requirements and/or changes to operating guidelines. Please continue to check this website frequently for updates prior to your upcoming reservation.

*All shops require non-vaccinated face coverings to enter.


  • Patio 

  • Top Deck (South)

  • Front & Back Yard (South)

  • Retail Shop

  • Studio Training Centers

  • Tea Service

Open with Social Distancing

  • Class Activities

  • Fitness Center

  • Tea Bar

  • Gong Services

       Faith and Gong Services will be closed on Special event weekends.

Closed to Guests

  • Boardroom

  • Sauna

  • Back Apothecary Lab

          Will be only open during special class events.

  • ​Library

          Will be only open during special class events

Our Policy Promise

The Gatekeepers at Panthers Gate is a co-op family of Entrepreneurs that maintain core values for community service and business ethics that we all share. We all are here to equally serve all of our valued members and guests as if they were family. We uphold very strict guidelines and standard procedures to maintain the integrity of our business for all clientele, further, that we have all promised to not compromise in the face of conflict, discrimination, persuasion, or oppression.

With this, we ask that every guest and member please respect our policies and understand that they do not change for personal convenience or consideration to the individual. All Contracts and Policies are as stated and will be enforced upon consent.

We appreciate our opportunity to work with you and treasure the relationship we can build together in spiritual wellness and lifestyle.