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In celebration of the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, we proudly present:
The Imbolc Fire Festival at Panthers' Gate!


February 4–5, 2023 —  Berthoud, Colorado

357 Mountain Ave, Berthoud Colorado 

Featuring live music from Wild Mountain Kesh and Piscin & Luch, and fire performances with Augment Entertainment!

Vendor Fair  –  Drum Circle  –  Fire Water Ceremony  –  Workshops & Seminars


All daytime events are FREE and open to the public! Tickets are available for the 8pm evening events.

Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5, 2023


Celebrate With Us

Welcome to the Annual Imbolc Festival being held at Panthers' Gate in Berthoud, Colorado. For several years, we have held this special event for the community, providing an altar for those who wish to present offerings and fire entertainment to honor Celtic fire and fertility through transformation.


This year, in addition to some of our past years' activities, we are expanding community by holding a drumming circle and fire water ceremony. We will have Wild Mountain Kesh and Piscin & Luch providing authentic live Celtic music following a fire circus performance with Augment Entertainment, and we have a special surprise honoring Wadruna style music as a transition into our drumming circle. 

There will be a vendor fair featuring local vendors at our Berthoud location, whereby the community can support these artists, vendors, and healers in continuing to serve the community in the coming year.

Saturday, 2/4


Vendor Fair


Workshop: Death Wives with Erin Merelli


Workshop: Root Work with Jeanette Kasemir


Workshop: Evolutionary Astrology with Ricardo Z.


Live Circus Performance


Live Music — Irish duo

Piscin and Luch


Fire Water Ceremony & Community Drum Circle

Sunday, 2/5


Vendor Fair


Live Circus Performance


Live Music — Celtic Band

Wild Mountain Kesh


Sound Healing and Yoga

Why We Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc is the mid-point between Yule and Ostara, and one of the three Fire Festivals. It is a celebration of beginnings, community, and coming out of hibernation after the deep of winter! Being that we are a root school, we honor this festival to further the tradition of the first seed, the first egg, the first blossom of fertility, where Imbolc represents the setting forth of promises renewed.

We wish to inspire hope for the spring's energy, to help all who gather here to feel empowered throughout the year of 2023 and to look forward to the brighter and warmer days ahead.


Wild Mountain Kesh

Sunday – 7–8pm – Berthoud

Wild Mountain Kesh is a local Colorado band full of fun and shenanigans! They offer authentic Celtic tunes that are guaranteed to get your feet tapping.


Fire Water Ceremony

Saturday – 8pm – Berthoud

*Ticketed event* The fire water ceremony celebrates the developmental transition between calcination and dissolution as we move out of hibernation and into awareness of the present mind. This ceremony brings forth creativity, creation, and breathes life into our hopes for future prosperity and abundance.


Workshop: Root Work with Jeanette Kasemir

Saturday – 2:30pm – Berthoud

Join Dr. Rev. Jeanette Kasemir in this class on root work and the alchemy behind self-sabotage and ending the self-sabotage cycle. Learn key tools to transition yourself from transactional living to authentic being.


Piscin and Luch

Saturday – 7–8pm – Berthoud

Piscin and Luch are a husband and wife duo extracted from the Irish rock band, The Commoners. Join Rebecca and Mouse as they get back to more traditional Irish jams on traditional Irish instruments while keeping it light and fun. Slainte!


Sound Healing & Yoga

Sunday – 8pm – Berthoud

*Ticketed Event* Align yourself with vibrations fostering health and unity through the ancient spiritual technique of sound healing. 


Workshop: Evolutionary Astrology with Ricky Z.

Saturday – 4pm – Berthoud

This workshop, hosted by our evolutionary astrologer, Ricky, with touch on deep-dive aspects of astrology as they relate to the present day.


Fire Circus Performance

Saturday & Sunday – 6–8pm – Berthoud

Come see some captivating fire performers as they manipulate live fire along with dancing and acrobatic routines.


Workshop: Death Wives with Erin Merelli

Saturday – 1pm – Berthoud

Death doula Erin Merelli will discuss what a death doula is and all individuals' rights to a proper burial (cremation and interment are not the only options). This workshop touches on topics related to end of life and transition and dying with respect.

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