Meet the gate keepers

Jeannette Kasemir
Founder, Owner & Head Instructor

Born September 8th, 1978, Reverend J. Kasemir is a social philosopher, spiritual educator and minister, defense instructor, alchemist, artist, writer, and founder of Muse Academy. Based in Berthoud, Colorado, she has moved from the west coast to the Rocky Mountains to establish Panthers Gate as one of the pioneering spiritual centers to bring back science and spirituality to the holistic trichotomy of the Body, Mind, and Spirit of metaphysics and martial arts. As a teacher of teachers, she is respected for her founding of the interdisciplinary studies in Metaphysical philosophies and practices, services to her communities, and support of our future spiritual educators. Her honest and transparent style of teaching through critical discernment and Socratic methods has established her as a genuine voice for the spiritual renaissance.


She began studying Martial Arts and meditation at the age of 14. She served in the U.S. Army for over 8 years leaving honorably as a disabled veteran. She Studied Philosophy at the University of Evergreen State College in Washington, and is currently working on her doctorate on parapsychology, and theocentric psychology, at the University of Sedona. She has black belts in several martial art styles and has been studying and sharing IMA Yoga, Martial Arts, and Alchemy Meditation collectively for over 20 years.  Though considered a master by many, she prefers simply Rev J. She says there are no masters for we all are servants to the collective and the planet. “We are where we are, not because of where we have been but where we are going”.

Jonathan Kasemir
Owner, IT Manager, & Instructor

Born December 11th, 1983, Jonathan Kasemir is an engineering physicist, inventor, pilot, defense instructor, artist, writer, and sound healer. As a Longmont, Colorado native he has an appreciation for the beauty of the Rockies, even after serving in the U.S. Navy for 6 years, traveling throughout most of Europe from Spain and Germany to Czech Republic, the Island of Crete, and under the North pole. He studied Engineering Physics, Computer Science, and Japanese at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has a passion for inventing things that benefit people's search for spiritual enlightenment and practices. He loves the physicality of the Martial Arts and the peacefulness in teaching Tai Chi. He loves seeing people happy and feeling accomplished so he strives to find what brings the potential out in people and motivates them to improve. He speaks Japanese, enjoys Anime and a good Japanese conversation, and the honorifics that follow. 

Owner, IT Manager, & Instructor
Tayler April Lane

Born April 6th, 1992 Tayler is the right hand lady of Panthers Gate. She is the flame of the candle, lighting up the room where ever she goes! When she isn't teaching, she is creating. Head of creating visions of the future, she handles marketing and events. She loves seeing people have a good time and being expressive. Studying Herbal Alchemy, and having a love for the outdoors, she is always interested in the healing ways of nature. Artist and designer, she loves ideas and a positive conversation that manifests greatness the the beautiful world she loves. When working with others in teaching martial arts or Tai Chi, she sets people at ease and provides a safe place for people to be authentic and heal through training. If you wish to feel the beautiful creative force of Nature then she is your girl!

Alexander Domingo
Owner and Head Instructor 8 Hands Martial Arts in Broomfield (Panthers Gate)

Born February 12th, 1983 Alex is known as the big brother in the company. All around fun guy and millennial, he is the chaos in the room. Studied martial arts with his family and realized his passion for art and fitness. He knew Martial Arts was a lifestyle and career choice early on, and with guidance he aspired to become the head of his own school, helping to further develop the Interdisciplinary style of IMA. As a creator and innovator he has a passion for helping people find there natural gifts in training. If you want a little more fun in the art and to have an unconventional approach to learning he is the one we recommend. From the west coast, Alex came to Colorado to follow his mentor Rev J to see what unlocking his potential could create. He now after nine years of dedication and perseverance, owns and operates 8 Hands Martial arts, the brother affiliate branch of Panthers Gate, down in Broomfield.

Philosopher, Instructor
Juan Gurule

Born May 2nd 1992, Philosopher and information nut, Juan is our all around quiet observer. If and when he talks, the profound becomes realized. Starting in Tae Qwon Do and advancing through Kempo and IMA, Juan has seen what patience and self-work can provide for any student who seriously wishes to know thyself. He is a humanitarian at heart and loves working with people who wish to learn and explore. Training with an intellectual edge can help anyone who analyses the how and why, and this is nature of his class. 

ACSM Theripist, Instructor
Sang P. Nguyen

Born November 18th, 1994 Sang is an avid communicator and excellent listener, speaking French, Vietnamese, and some Japanese. He enjoys doing Volunteer work and helping out humanity, such as volunteering at Karen Nelson Ministries to feed the homeless, and Broomfield Depot Museum as a docent and artifact preservationist. He is American Red Cross Certified for CPR/AED, and is Accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine, in exercise Science from the Metropolitan State University of Denver Colorado. Considered a scholar of human performance and biology, he is motivated in enhancing the health and vitality of people, seeking improvement in performance capabilities and athleticism. He also has a passion for fine teas and loves discussing the art of steeping. "Fall down seven times, stand up Eight" is his way of saying never give up.

Artist, Story Teller, Instructor
Shingo H. Brann

Born April 4th, 1992, Shingo is a artist from the West Coast, who aspires to make people laugh and stay focused on the positive things in life. Practicing Buddhist, he maintains a keen eye for the needs of others. Focusing on keeping people engaged and finding common ground, he brings people together with very little effort. Creative and attracted to moving art, your likely to see him doing sidewalk art, murals, and sketches, if he is teaching martial arts. He received a Bachelor  in Fine Arts at the University of California, San Fransisco. 

Wilderness Guide, Reiki Practtioner, Instructor
Frank Smith

Born December 1st, 1991, Frank studied recreation, fishery and wildlife management, and biology at Paul Smith College in Brighton New York, where he was the president of Mindfulness and Meditation. He has guided many through the Adirondack Park. He is Leave No Trace, Wilderness first aid, and CPR Certified.  As an East Coast Native he has moved to the Rockies to study Shamanism, and answer the calling of being a Spiritual Warrior, to help return people back to the state of nature, and to encourage balance between the life of humanity as a spiritual collective, with its tending of Nature on Mother Earth. He is a 3rd level Reiki Practitioner, outdoors man, and martial arts instructor. "One should heal thyself to illuminate the path there to guide others into healing themselves." As an advocate of deep introspection, and mindfulness, he believes we all can heal the world through healing from within first.

"and into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul" John Muir

357 Mountain Ave, Berthoud CO 80513

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