Meet the gate keepers

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Jonathan Kasemir
Owner, IT Manager, & Instructor

Born December 11th, 1983, Jonathan Kasemir is an engineering physicist, inventor, pilot, defense instructor, artist, writer, and sound healer. As a Longmont, Colorado native he has an appreciation for the beauty of the Rockies, even after serving in the U.S. Navy for 6 years, traveling throughout most of Europe from Spain and Germany to Czech Republic, the Island of Crete, and under the North pole. He studied Engineering Physics, Computer Science, and Japanese at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has a passion for inventing things that benefit people's search for spiritual enlightenment and practices. He loves the physicality of the Martial Arts and the peacefulness in teaching Tai Chi. He loves seeing people happy and feeling accomplished so he strives to find what brings the potential out in people and motivates them to improve. He speaks Japanese, enjoys Anime and a good Japanese conversation, and the honorifics that follow. 

Tayler April Lane
Owner, IT Manager, & Martial Arts Instructor

Tayler, our Aries, is our star Tai Chi Instructor and Teen Psychics Facilitator.  Any time she’s not overseeing the management of the shop and media she’s focused on working with students on the path of holistic healing.  Tayler works with people who seek intuitive development and a desire to connect with their bodies.  She has a vast understanding of herbs and can concoct exactly what you want for your health and wellbeing.  As your instructor she says that her goal is, “To guide her students through new ways of thinking, moving and perceiving the world within and around them”.  Tayler, as our other partners, is a thoughtful listener and intuitive guide seeking students that desire to connect with the softer, more vulnerable and intimate spaces within them, as such her classes are focused on slow movements.  The motivating drive from Tayler herself is, “Belief and Trust.  I believed so deeply that there was more life than numbing out through a hamster wheel of a job, unsatisfying relationships, and a disconnect with self.  I believed there were people who saw life in the same way I did, with unconditional love, deep conversations, healing through experiences, and living by holistic perspectives of the mind, body, and spirit.”

Alexander Domingo
Owner and Head Instructor 8 Hands Martial Arts in Broomfield (Panther's Gate)

Alex is our Aquarius; very fluid between being grounded and pure excitement.  He is our Owner and Head Instructor of the South location,
8 Hands Martial Arts.  He has been with us for many years and is considered the ‘big brother’ in the partnership.  He teaches group and personal classes and expects to challenge and be challenged through his trainings.  He would say his highlights of teaching are, “Personal self-discovery, watching students development and progression, and enjoying the ability to move and express through movement.”  His classes are designed for children to grow and become functioning members of
society, for teenagers to discover who they are, and for all adults to help with adapting to the world around them.  He recognizes that some days
are better than others and takes an unconventional approach to learning, finding peoples natural gifts.  As he says, “Life has its ebb and flow and I would rather adapt than get swept away.”

Juan Gurule
Philosopher, Martial Arts Instructor

Whomever likes a challenge and is curious about knowing more about their physical abilities, this is the Panther’s Gate partner to come to!  Juan’s motive, “Perseverance Overcomes Weakness.”  As our second degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do, red belt in IMA, and Taurus, his focus is on fighting without fear.  His practice mission is deep mental control through strengthening one’s body movements methodically.  As our other partners, Juan is a thoughtful listener, but will push you to what he intuitively knows is your ideal peak.  His abilities to guide and teach through the mental to physical progression come from personal experience and is unmatched.

“Be swift and formless as the wind; close and silent as the forest.  In attack, consume like a flame; in defense, stand like the mountain.  Let our plans be as impenetrable as the night, and when you strike, fall like a thunderbolt.” -Sun Tzu (can be truncated to the last line for brevity’s sake)

Sang P. Nguyen
ACSM Theripist, Martial Arts Instructor

Sang is the prime example of a headstrong and sharp Scorpio.  He is our shining Exercise Scientist and Martial Arts Instructor specializing in performance enhancement.  His primary focus in his practices with his students is to either restore or refine one from mental, physical, and/or emotional injury.  He will push you to meet your ’new normal’ of the prime YOU.  As a kid he was always sick and felt frail, motivating him to become a doctor.  After seeing that proper diet and exercise could prevent many illnesses he chose to utilize martial arts to become stronger, mentally AND physically - resulting from the successes of being American Red Cross certified for CPR/AED and first responder training, a degree in Human Performance and Sport from MSU Denver that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and becoming multilingual to assist a wider range of people.  His method of training is ideal for young adults and up to meet his philosophy, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

Shingo H. Brann
Artist, Story Teller, Martial Arts Instructor

Shingo is a very passionate Taurus.  Soft spoken and clear minded he is our Buddhist practice martial arts instructor that takes an approach of laughter and positivity in life.  He easily finds common ground with others and brings people together with very little effort.  Those who need a softer approach are an excellent match for Shingo.  His wish for his students is to get out as much as possible from his teachings, possibly finding even higher ground than he has thus far in his many years of teaching.  Shingo received his bachelor degree of Fine Arts at the University of California.  He originates from taking care of others, hospitality, compassion, patience, and humility.  Therefore, as he says, “I want to teach anyone that strives to be the best them they can be.”  You may find him outside making chalk art on the patio, telling stories to others, sketching and drawing.  

Frank Smith
Wilderness Guide, Reiki Practioner, Instructor

Born December 1st, 1991, Frank studied recreation, fishery and wildlife management, and biology at Paul Smith College in Brighton New York, where he was the president of Mindfulness and Meditation. He has guided many through the Adirondack Park. He is Leave No Trace, Wilderness first aid, and CPR Certified.  As an East Coast Native he has moved to the Rockies to study Shamanism, and answer the calling of being a Spiritual Warrior, to help return people back to the state of nature, and to encourage balance between the life of humanity as a spiritual collective, with its tending of Nature on Mother Earth. He is a 3rd level Reiki Practitioner, outdoors man, and martial arts instructor. "One should heal thyself to illuminate the path there to guide others into healing themselves." As an advocate of deep introspection, and mindfulness, he believes we all can heal the world through healing from within first.

"and into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul" John Muir

"Family isn't always blood, its the people in your life who want you in theirs; The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who Love you no matter what."