Sunday Service

10am Gong Immersion

11am Sunday Sermon (Holistic & Philosophical Based)

Gong Immersion

Immerse yourself in the sounds and vibrations of the ancient gong to begin your Sunday as we journey through the waves of healing frequencies.


Please bring a pillow and blanket to support your trance state and journey!


Metaphysical Sermon

Join us for an esoteric conversation on life and existence. Every week we will draw upon an intuitive topic to discuss from an open-minded perspective to inspire growth, expansion and reflection. Our gong & sermon is complimentary, yet donations are always appreciated!

Sunday Holistic Service

Psychic Readings

Rev. Jeannette Kasmir, Root Medicine Woman and Author of "Alchemy for the Soul"

Rev. Jeannette Kasemir is the owner and founder of Panthers Gate and author of her new book, Alchemy for the Soul.  As a gifted psychic and spiritual alchemist, Jeannette has the ability to help people heal from their root foundation and reveal the limiting belief patterns that keep one cycling through trauma and blockages in life. 

Jeannette is available for psychic readings as well as longterm training through her alchemic process which asks for a commitment of 6months to 2years for the root chakra healing and another 1-2 years for every chakra intensive. 

Her healing modalities are direct, transformative, and an opportunity to dive deep into the sediment that holds us back from truly embodying one's potential and connection to self.

Root Chakra Intensives

Apothecary & Plant Medicine

Holistic Healing

Community Events & Workshops

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