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Dreams, Astrology, Herbalism, Magic, Angels, Buddhism, Christianity, Pagan, Egypt, Psychic, and more


A variety of tarot decks with different styles of art, imagery, symbolism and more. Oracle & Tarot


Our esoteric & psychic classes are held weekly and are invitation only. Email us to inquire about screening!

Fire Element


Pillar candles of intention, full moon release, astrology candles, ritual candles, hand-dipped, and more

Incense + resin

Over 20 different scents of incense, a variety of resin in the apothecary, and cones for back-flow

Rituals & Ceremony

Experience one of our monthly rituals or ceremonies that take place around the moon cycles! Check Event Page

Earth Element


Tumbled, raw cut, cathedral, spheres, points, pyramids, clusters, geodes, agates, orgonite, and more


Our apothecary offers over 100 different herbs and tea blends! Pick from a blend or make your own!

World Salt

Our homemade world salt combines salt from over 22 different countries. Great for cooking, cleansing, rituals.

Air Element

Singing Bowls

Hand crafted, Tibetan singing bowls, mini chakra bowls, buddha artwork, and more


Palo santo, white sage, blue sage, mugwort, and feathers when available

Infrared Sauna

Experience the long-range infrared sauna for 20-45min for healing, cell repairment and more

Water Element

Holy Water

Bring in your own water or purchase spring water at the shop and our minister/shaman will bless it

Oils & Sprays

Mugwort spray, sage spray, shamanic oil blends, essential oils, chakra rollers, and more


Limited Supply of herbal tinctures. We take personal orders and requests.

Spiritual Work

Psychic Readings

Root Chakra focused psychic readings are available by appointment only by our Head Psychic

Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Rev Jeannette is our an amazing healer and counselor who sees beyond the conscious mind & guides her clients to alignment

Root, Trauma, PTSD

Specialized counseling sessions with Dr. Rev Jeannette

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