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The Panthers' Gate
Midsummer Mind–Body–Spirit
Retreat in Mexico

A unique spiritual getaway on the beach in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June 17–23, 2023

$2950 (book by March 15); $3250 (regular pricing)

7 Days + 6 Nights at a 5-star resort

Fill your days with power and grace, fill your evenings with community and laughter, fill your world into alignment, your heart into balance, and set your spirit free!


Why not do it at the beach?!

Save $300 when you book before March 15!

Transform the Soul

Move the Body - Move the Mind - Move the Spirit


Our June 2023 Mexico Retreat

This unique travel experience is a whole-self fitness and wellness retreat centered around connection to the autonomous self, in order to end self-sabotage and spiritual suicide.

Our mind–body wellness retreat is for those who are ready for change and who take their spiritual nature seriously. The tools we will use include alchemically-based astrology, martial arts and yoga, and spiritual ceremony to help participants design their own purpose in life.

Here, we understand that the things most worth having, are worth working for. If you are ready to do this most important work with us, schedule a call today to see if this retreat is the right fit for you. 

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If you are ready...

Our summer retreat is designed for efficient, transformative evolution. If you are ready to make your body sweat—your mind burn—your heart ache—and your spirit come to life, if you are interested in building an AUTHENTIC community of spiritual intimacy, if you want to respect your own nature, and if you are personally invested in MAKING THIS WORK, then this can be a life-altering experience for you.

Spiritual Experiences and Workshops Include:

New Moon in Gemini Ceremony
Wounded Warrior Workshop
Morning Yoga and Meditations on the Beach
Dreamwork Workshop and Dream Box Ceremony
Journey of the Golden Heart Self-Love Workshop
Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise 
"The Autonomous Self" Full-Day Experiences
Cacao Ceremony
Tai Chi Class & Interdisciplinary Martial Arts Sparring

Join us this June for 7 days, 6 nights at the Paradise Village Beach Resort and Spa in stunning Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Retreat Schedule

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Day 01

The Fool's Journey

Arrival and Socializing

Fire–Water Ceremony: New Moon in Gemini

Confronting the Leviathan

Morning Meditation and Yoga (with mimosas!)

Dreamwork Workshop

Wounded Warrior Workshop

Alchemical Love

Italian Dinner

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 4.22.43 PM.png

Day 02

Journey of the Golden Heart Self-Love Workshop

Morning Meditation and Yoga

Day 03

Day 04

Day of Dreams

Morning Meditation and Yoga

Dream Box Ceremony

Day 05

Sushi Dinner

Day 06

Tai Chi

Cacao Ceremony

Day 07

Rhythm of the Night

Morning Meditation and Yoga

IMA Sparring

Boat Cruise and Contemporary Circus

Through the Fire's Eye

Mala Bead Workshop

Morning Meditation and Yoga

The Autonomous Self

Separate Group Excursions

Yoga & Mimosas: Group Get-together

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