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Vendor Registration Now Open!

Click the button below to register to become a vendor for our 12 year anniversary! It is just a $10 deposit that will be refunded after the event if you show up and participate for the whole event.


We are also asking vendors to have some product, coupons, etc. that they can put towards the goodie bags that will go to the first 100 fair goers.

Panthers' Gate University

357 Mountain Ave, Berthoud CO

Vendor Fair  –  Live Music  –  Food  –  Workshops & Seminars

Event Schedule

1:00 PM-7:15PM: Classes and Lectures Indoor Full Stage Presenters
2:00 PM: Event begins and the FREE OUTDOOR vendor market opens!
7:30 PM: Ecstatic Dancing and Mocktails
8:00 PM: Closure of Vendor Market
8:30 PM-9:00 PM: Closing ceremony for the fair.


The first ever Unity Dance begins directly following the Closing Ceremony with Simply Rex mixing the music to move your body and soul.

We will have a range of activities and entertainment throughout the day with vendors, food trucks, and much more!

For The Saturday Anniversary Event:


To get your BODY moving we will have:
4:30 PM Yoga Clinic with Cat Frisby (Indoors)
5:30 PM Self Defense Boot Camp with Sensei Sang (Outdoors)
7:30 PM Unity Dance Ecstatic Dance Event with Simply Rex (Indoors)


To get your MIND moving we will have:
1 PM Sound Healing with Deep Thought Studios (Indoors)
4 PM Astrology with Ricky Zeevaert
6:30 PM Reiki Group Healing with Special Talk
with Stevie Thomas (Indoors)

To get you SPIRIT moving we will have:
2 PM Infinity Virtual Healing Meditation and Talk with Michelle Coutinho (Indoors)
3 PM Cacao Ceremony (Outdoors) with The Alchemist
5 PM Lecture and Soul Journeywith Simply Rex (Indoors)

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Stay up to date

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Head to the Facebook event page by clicking the button below to stay up to date on the latest information for Midsummer - The 12 Year Anniversary!

Meet Your Exhibitors

Vendors, Healers, Readers and More!

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