Panthers Portal


As the current state of the world awakens to the illusions and chaos of what was, we begin to slow down and become aware of our internal and external realities. With more time on our hands to create a life of intention, Panthers Gate has opened their portal for virtual courses and knowledge. As an esoteric school for mystics, warriors, and healers, our mission is to help elders on the forefront of helping and deprogramming the psyche towards a world conscious of accountability, self-awareness and unlimited potential.




In this course you will learn how to see through peoples words & become aware of blindspots, uncover the roots of others problems & develop the language of connection, and how to bi-pass the road blocks to successful communication. Telepathy for Beginners.

The Red Pill Courses


Energy of Language

In this course you will learn how to see through peoples words & become aware of blindspots, uncover the roots of others problems & develop the language of connection for successful communication.

Telepathy: Beginners


P.O.W.E.R. Without Boundaries

Explore how the different levels of mental consciousness acts as a bridge between matter and potential, and how it affects the individual and open psychic channels.

Telepathy: Intermediate


F.L.O.W.E.R. of Life

Learn how to navigate the perceptions of society and beyond the limitations of our mind to expand one's claircognizance and hear the messages.

Telepathy: Advanced



Develop your clairsentient abilities and learn how to decipher your energy from others. This course is great for empaths and those exploring their gifts as psychics, healers and beginners to energy work.


Psychic Development

Psychic Development is an advanced practicum that includes the beginner courses of EOL, FOL, PWB and FLASH to evolve your psychic abilities to the next level. Bonus course: Dreamwork


Dreamwork: Prophetic

Prophetic Dreamwork explores the power of Manifestation within dreams and the development of pre-cognition and advanced psychic abilities influenced by either fate or freewill. 


Dreamwork: Empirical

Empirical Dreamwork is the exploration of fate vs free will and the gift of Retro Cognition- knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means.


Root Medicine Apprenticeship

Train directly under the Root Medicine Woman herself and be taken through the alchemic process to uproot the subconscious and open all clair-psychic abilities, as well as esoteric wisdom beyond time & space.



The amount of Order that can be transferred depends on how much exists in the object it is being drawn from, as well as the focus and openness of the Antromancer's mind.

***Not Available Online, In-person ONLY.