Environmental Wellness

What steps do you take to promote environmental wellness? Is there more you want to do or learn?

Environmental Wellness

In this blog post, we will be going over environmental wellness. The basic definition for environmental wellness is the way a person feels about the world around them and what they do to protect the planet. This can be achieved through taking steps to live an environmentally friendly life and taking an effort to be conservative with the planet’s natural resources. ​The reason why environmental wellness is important for overall health is simply that a world that is free from pollution is not just beneficial for us as a species, but also for every other single life that shares this world with us. The other main factor of environmental wellness is that it allows for us to live on this planet safely and uninhibited. ​There are many ways to improve one’s environmental wellness. First is to remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle products and the second part of this is to purchase products that are environmentally friendly and do not produce as much waste. Take note of how long you take a shower or bath and how much electricity you are using daily. Another factor of environmental wellness is to ensure that you are protecting yourself from the elements such as when going outside you make sure that you wear UV resistant clothing and to remember to wear sunscreen or to put on a coat for when it is cold and carrying an umbrella for when it rains. It is also important to make sure that your home has up to date testing for toxins and mold, as well as functioning fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure that your home is safe. ​We can all do our part to ensure environmental wellness for ourselves, as well as others. We only have one planet and what we do in our daily lives can have an impact for future generations to come. Everyone can play a part in improving our world through our daily choices and actions, because in the grand scheme of things the planet really does not need humans to survive and thrive. It is in fact the exact opposite.

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