Money Tree Properties

We have many beautiful plants here at #PanthersGate ! Here is a money tree that our plant keeper @Jonathan Kasemir caretakes at the shop! Check out his article as the beginning of many upcoming articles for plant caretaking and benefits:

Pachira Aquatica

Commonly Known As “The Money Tree”

This is an easy to come by plant at your local big box store or garden center, and it frequently comes in a pot of 5 stems braided together. It’s easy to take care of as it tolerates overwatered and can survive drying out some. It prefers moist soil and bright indirect light to thrive. These can be rescued from the discount plants section and revive quite easily when given care and attention.

It is considered a “Money Tree” and used by many to bring in fortune, luck, and abundance. Braided together it focuses energy on luck and fortune, whereas if you separate the stems and grow them that way you are manifesting prosperity in the form of many paths and bringing success from multiple endeavors. This Money Tree is said to represent the 5 Feng Shui elements: Earth, metal, fire, water, and wood. A yellowing and dying leaf symbolizes the shedding of the old and diverting energy to new growth. These readily show new growth with loving care and reflect your intent on growing wealth and prosperity whether you are focusing on a major life goal or if you have multiple irons in the fire so to speak.

Take care of your plants and your plants will take care of you!

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