Nature's Healing

Nature's Healing.

Philosophers refer to the main four elements earth, water, air, and fire, when discussing the complex substances of nature.

We see our world simply as land, ocean, sky, and space. Energetically and metaphysically the elements connects us with nature.

For healing we can practice engaging these elements with our senses. Many people focus on sight and sound more than any other sense, so I advise starting with those. I will share earth and vision first.

Often I sit and I look at the age of earthly things. Buildings that are new and modern, some antique and aged, they remind me of the mountains and how the hardest and most solid of things get chipped away at over time. Looking at trees I see branches stemming from a trunk and how in communication we tangent from the main points.

What I find is when I think about sad things, angry things, or negative things, my eyes start to hurt or my vision begins to get blury. However, when I look for flowers, birds, or things that make me smile, laugh, get curious, or feel happy, my vision sharpens, colors get more vibrant, and things slow down.

When we practice focusing on the things we don't like, we dont want to see, and the things that we feel angst about, our sight gets affected negatively. We rather not see it, so we begin to shift our perception towards blindness.

Yet, when we focus on things we love, enjoy, appreciate, and feel gratitude for, our vision sharpens, becomes more vibrant, and clear.

I did not know early on in my life that loosing my vision was because I was focusing on all the things I wanted to fix. The things that bothered me, the things that angered me, the things I witnessed all affected my desire to change what I saw in the world. Eventually, I noticed that my eyes would tear up, or burn, or spasm based on what agitated me.

I wanted to understand what was happening and I studied a bit about Ayurvedic doshas.

Burning is pita or Fire energy. When I was angry my eyes would start burning hours or even a day or two later.

Tearing is kapha or Earth and Water energy. When I was overwhelmed or emotionally feeling heavy my eyes would water.

Twitching muscle under the eye is vata or Air energy. When I was confused or anxious i would feel a pulsating under my eye.

Even the eye itself represents the elements:

Earth rules the muscular part of the eyes. Fire controls the blood vessels. Air is represented by the pupil. The white of the eye is maintained by Water, and though not covered in the 4 elements, space or aether is related to the tear ducts.

Then I paid attention to how I felt when my vision would fluxuate. I found to strengthen my vision physically I focused on beauty like the blue sky, green leaves, rich browns and reds in tree bark or brick buildings. Amazingly, this also affected the way I saw people's faces.

If I was upset or felt disconnected from a person, my view of their face changed with it, as it did when I was connected to them. This is when I stumbled upon the energy of the face. The authentic, genuine, and loving side created the blank slate for the past and present of people's pain and anger. This allowed a second sight to emerge. The physical manifestation and visual blinding nature to seeing what bothered me, aided in my 3rd eye ability to open up to seeing the beauty and innocence of the person in front of me. I saw their child self. I saw their dreams, their joy, their happiness.

This development and awareness to have control over it, allowed me to heal and to work on my psychic vision. That second sight was developed as an ability because of how I wanted to help heal others.

So, if you pay attention to how you emotionally and mentally see the world, you can affect physically how you see the world. You can practice shifting your perceptions holistically. The elements are a gateway to healing and empowerment if you practice with them and understand how they manifest. I will be covering another element and another sense next week. Comment below on which you would liked paired and stay connected to learn more!

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