Rev J's Morning Manner

Every day you wake up is a gift to begin magic. How you conduct yourself during the first 30 minutes sets the mood of manifestation and magnification throughout your day.

Dedicating 10-20 minutes a day thinking, feeling, and envisioning who you want to become has tremendous benefits.

When we practice using our imagination to visualize, our heart to feel, and our mind to construct belief, with discipline, our being becomes stronger.

Daily visualization is daily subconscious programming, and the more we experience the same thing, the deeper and more permanent the impression is we create.

Imagine the physical image you desire, from how you dress, look, and act. Imagine the income that provides the prosperity you wish to achieve, from being able to dine out anywhere without looking at the cost or fretting over the tip, to picking a destination anywhere in the world and taking a trip on demand. Then imagine the relationships you want, and what they look like, the quality, the quantity, the intimacy, and the excitement or adventure involved.

When activating the 2nd house of desire, activate the six senses.

The most important thing to remember to do is to be your world. Just as when you pray in a church, or meditate at an alter, or affirm in a sacred circle, you should have tools to activate and immerse you in that frame of mind.

Set candle flames, incent smoke, a bowl of rippling water, or a

gazing mirror to activate trance sight (softening of the eyes focus).

Place an orange, chocolate, mint, or herb on a plate, or have a glass of wine, mead, water, milk, or tea to taste the element of focus (wafer for ether, apples for air, cinnamon for fire, mint for water, or red wine for earth).

Play music, hum or sing, drum, mantra (chakra sounds like OHM), sit in nature with the birds and wind in the trees, or even white noise, to focus the ears to comfort and relaxation.

Light incense, burn sage or smudge (frankincense and myrrh), a fragrant candle, or oil spray to create a sacred space that will engage your sense of smell. Maybe use (new car smell) air freshener to feel like you just bought a car, or cut mango for tropical paradise vacation, or citrus for improved health.

Dance, rock, laydown, shake, sit by a window, or in a hot room, to engage feeling. Allow your body to maintain constant movement or constant stillness to engage a sense of environmental homeostasis.

When you activate your entire being in a way that supports your vision, dream, goal, desire, or want, you manifest the MANNER of lifeforce you wish to bring into your world.

The second important thing is to not see your dream exist only in the future, producing the affirmation of want and its twin of have not, but to see it as now, present, attainable, and real.

Stay in focus with your vision until you convince yourself that it is as good as the real achievement. It should replace your current reality and circumstances as if it were an additional reality.

The last thing to do during this practice (until you add to your morning manner more practices) is to Write:

A thankyou or Gratitude affirmation for personal love and self belief (that you can put in a prayer diary, or burn to release its words).

A set of needs that should be fulfilled in order to achieve these wants.

A description of who you are as you have become this new you.

An action list of 5 do's and 5 do nots for the day that you will commit to.

Examples of do's:

Maintain a positive outlook

Compliment one person who doesn't expect it

Save all my change from the day and deposit in a coin bank for a savings account drop.

Smile when hearing bad news and realize there is an opportunity ahead

Do something charitable for another

Examples of do not's:

React impulsively or undermine my goals

speak less of myself or others

shirk accountability when making a mistake

Look down upon another lacking compassion

Be late to any set appointments

And then SMILE and start your day with enthusiasm!