Tai Chi & Qi Gong 20th Century

Tai Chi + Qi Gong came into my life 3 years ago when starting Martial Arts. This weekly practice of connecting with my body, slowly and consciously, has helped tremendously with my anxiety, balance, flexibility and tuning into the energy within and around me. Over time my sense of awareness has vastly expanded and I am continuously learning new ways to sit deeper into these movements.

Whether you have trained once in your life, or trained for a lifetime, trying tai chi, qi gong or some movement meditation may be one of the most eye opening experiences as it was for me. This training has so many benefits, but the most healing has been experienced at Panthers' Gate Metaphysical School & Shop, where we train in a cognitive therapy that is physically addressed through somatic principles. Each student is trained personally, and in group, to address and reveal aspects of self that cannot hide when connecting with our body. Oftentimes in training, triggers may arise resulting in a cathartic release within one’s personal session. When experiencing trauma, many of us disconnect from our bodies as a way to protect from the overload of emotional or physical pain, or in other words, let our body physically process the pain independent of our conscious awareness. In martial arts practice at Panthers Gate, we can attune our body and mind, and reconnect and process thoroughly old repressed traumas in a very safe, transparent and caring environment.

Martial Arts training was the farthest thing from my mind when seeking out ways to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, but it has become the rewarding and fulfilling discipline to help me become the person I am proud to be today. And a big thank you to my amazing Sensei’s and the unconditional love and support they show me everyday. There will always be growing pains and breakdowns, but to have people in your corner loving you no matter how ugly it gets, is the most divine gift I have been blessed with.

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