The Time is Neigh

Tis the season of Calcination, where dissolving of unnecessary energy is at play. Many people within society are shedding the toxic attachments that connect falsely through ego, leaving many of society to search for authentic connection through spirit. Transformation is happening at a global level and is currently burning away old patterns and un-serving beliefs that keep us stuck in unhealthy private, social, and public relationships.

Transformation, evolution, requires Calcination. Its pure Alchemy.

Realize the dissolution and separation of things that no longer serve you. Instead of conjoining with addictions and coping mechanisms to fill the void of losing what you thought was worth validating, allow love and connection of new people, thoughts, and emotions to be felt at there purest and rawest form.

No matter what signs the universe provides you to see your path if you don't put one foot in front of the other you are not walking your path. You will see the signs and synchronicities passing you by, as you stand still stuck in your own false illusion, as they are captivating your gaze. Instead walk towards them on your forward path, and see them as you walk past knowing that your the one moving.

If you keep seeing the same sign over and over like 111 all the time, your stagnant. Your signs should be evolving with you.

This is the way of Nature and of Change.

Rev J

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