Root Psychic Readings , Healings, & Ministry Services

Dr. Rev Jeannette Kasemir
Psychic & Minister

All consultations & sessions are by appointment only.

  • Private Phone Consultations with her can be a 30 minute one question reading up to 1 hour and more, if needed. These readings are just as accurate as in person. Dr. Kasemir will accept emergency phone calls anytime,  please leave a message with her assistant Tayler Lane, 720-899-7997 and allow 30 minutes for a call back.

  • Home Private Parties/Corporate Parties must call Dr. Kasemir directly, 720-238-1353 for more information.

  • Root Healing, Auto-writing, or Remote viewing: All you need to do is send a picture of a person (living or deceased) and she will respond with any information that pertains to that person or provide long distance healing. Writing typically take 3-5 days for a response as she sets time out of her day for meditation with no distractions.

  • Spiritual House (office and car too!) Cleansings, Clearings, and Blessings takes approximately 2 hours, using the specified smudging the area calls for, from frankincense and Myrrh to Holy Water, Palo Santo and specific types of herbs.

  • Baptisms, Rites of passage, Initiations, Weddings, Funerals, to consecrations and expellations (different form of an exorcism), please schedule with her assistant a time for a Complementary Consult.

Root Psychic Reading


Root Psychic Readings are deep, intuitive soul readings that often surface suppressed memories or times from the past that continue to impact your present and future. Most often the readings recall certain days, people and experiences that shape shifted your perceptions and have directly influenced your reality. Through the reading and channeling, Jeannette is able to uproot the sediment that was causing turmoil in one's subconscious, and plants new seeds for new roots to plant in one's mind that makes healing and transforming one's past trauma into gold to create a new future aligned with the higher self. 


Where most psychics read one's potential future, we believe that there are multiple fate lines that lie before a person and it is our choices and actions that destine us on one path versus another. Through understanding more clearly how one's past affects us in the present, we can take steps towards the path of our highest desire. If one is solely seeking answers from a psychic, then this reading style may not be for you.. 

*30 min minimum

**Readings are done at the Tea Room at Panthers Gate Berthoud or the Nook at Panthers Gate Boulder

***Call 720-899-7997 to schedule your reading