Business Consulting

Stop questioning why you and your business struggles to meet that next financial level...



Learn how to build your business in a way that expands your audience or clientele and open up to receive abundance.

Business Meeting

Team to Family

Turn your business team into a work family that fosters growth, compassion, and a unity of trust and accountability.

Zodiac Chart

Intuitive Business

Receive insights and guidance to make positive & beneficial changes to your business while expanding your own gifts.

Yoga Session


Discover your personal and business intentions and expectations that may be effecting your business. 


Business Corporate Psychic Consult


*Personal Ownership Profile

*Business Geomancy Work Up

*Employee Energetics Analysis

*Projections of Financial Flow and Blocks

*DIY Momentum Guide

               + Access to discounted follow ups:

*DFY WorkOver

*On-boarding Interview Analysis

*Restructuring Assessment and Solution Guide

*Financial Energy Funnel

Whether it is you and your personal life that interferes with business, or your staff and inter-office communications, psychic business consulting will provide you the answers you can't afford to live without.

"The ROOT of your problem is my area of expertise, and when I help you to fix one thing, it affects everything. Then we get to enjoy the future challenges that only the successful eat for breakfast. Allow us to provide you with a service that is here to help our community, economy, and the families that engage it."

-Dr. Rev Jeannette Kasemir