Shamanic Massage



More advanced than Reiki or Healing touch, is a practice geared towards utilizing cosmic energy in unity with all layers down to the qi in your own body. If you are searching for a practical and pragmatic solution to problems in everyday life-from personal illness, professional or social challenges, family discord or ancestral issues, and need to revitalize and become more aware of what is truly at the root affecting your harmony, then we suggest a root healing session in shamanic massage.

Where Shamans work in voluntary trance states, the Two Headed Doctor lives in an altered state of consciousness and constantly is in touch with the realms of the invisible. The ability to gain information to make change in the other dimensions is dependent upon the relationship with the person they are healing, not just the spirits or etheral energies. They must establish with your soul self what is ready to be recieved.

The doctor may determine it to be as subtle as triggering the individuals' self-healing and past forgiveness, or as extreme as a depossession or removal of disease.

The method includes clearing, tone assessment, and massaging of 5 layers of reality from the material to the point of Henosis (body, astral, spiritual, divine, the Nous Unity).

This allows reconnection of the root source with its branch creation, to promote regeneration.