"How you perceive the world alters the way your sense it." 

-Dr. Rev. Kasemir

Do you feel stuck in life, immobilized, have a sense of purposelessness, or fearing your world? Improper processing of your world view leaves you fragmented and thus caught in a psychological prison limiting us without the means to experiencing a fulfilled life.

Most of us are programmed to process information in an outdated or non evolving way that can leave us susceptible to trauma. We either lose trust in our world or in ourselves. However, by deprogramming your EMN episodic memory network, we can bring balance to your sensory processing. Soulscaping will decrease and may even stop many disorders that are a result of trauma. It has been proven to even help people in the processing of trauma as it happens.

Soulscaping is a powerful holistic tool that utilizing spiritual-scientific  knowledge of how our core processing and spiritual understanding works.

Soulscaping helps to:

Access information from 5 layers of consciousness that lie beyond the physical attributes of the psyche.

It identifies, processes, and helps to dissolve the false thoughts, sensations, and emotions that hold you immobilized in life in a more holistic and evolutionary way than most clinical therapies.

What is Soulscaping (SSP) and how can it heal me?

Soulsscaping uses Alchemy processing (7 levels of processing) that are designed to transform paradigms and the spirit within. This process is not only guided for your evolution but taught as a skill for your continued independence.

With the help and support of your healing counselor, you will begin to identify the first root problem affecting every aspect of your life positively and/or negatively. Once you have identified your paradigm experience, you’ll be informed how to utilize your innate gifts to process the information properly into the deeper layers of your psyche, as well as how to purify your being through clearing the stored information in your body as well.

Soulscaping is a process that requires minimal effort but does compound in its benefits as the personal practice is exercised.

Issues healed through Soulscaping:

Abandonment concerns
Ailments which produce anxiety, stress, flashbacks and more.
Anger management
Self image
Performance anxiety
And more!