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Dr. Rev. Jeannette Kasemir

Founder & Head Proctor


(720) 238-1353

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8 Hands Martial Arts
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8 Hands Martial Arts

About the Founder

Dr. Reverend J Kasemir is a social philosopher, spiritual educator and minister, defense instructor, alchemist, artist, writer, and founder of the Gate Keeper Academy. She is a Spiritual Guide whose ultimate passion is to liberate spiritualists and the spiritual minded to transform the way they Participate within life, Observe and create their world, and Witness and record their progress within the personal, social, and public spheres. She has established Panthers Gate as one of the pioneering spiritual centers to bring back science and spirituality to the holistic trichotomy of the Body, Mind, and Spirit of metaphysics and martial arts. As a teacher of teachers, she is respected for her founding of the interdisciplinary studies in Metaphysical philosophies and practices, services to her communities, and support of our future spiritual educators. Her honest and transparent style of teaching through critical discernment and Socratic methods has established her as a genuine voice for the spiritual renaissance. Her students constantly experience the burning of calcination confronting their challenges, obstacles, and hard to grasp emotions that many shy away from - allowing for spiritual breakthroughs that free them from the chains of the past. Her unique approach to mirror and show those who she works with, the energy and intent they create in the world, enables expansion of each persons true vision to see clear, and truly begin authentic deep rooted transformation, that is permanent.

With a diverse and eclectic experience mentoring, healing, and instructing thousands of people from a behind the veil approach, she has enabled people from all backgrounds and ages to experience profound healing and self-awareness. She serves from a non-authoritative position to truly transform the individual resulting in a change from transactional living, to authentic being. Her unconventional and unparalleled methods nurture, guide, and develop each students communication with the self, others, and the spirit world that can not be currently achieved by other means. 

As a disabled Army veteran service member, who had served to help many patients entering and exiting this world as a medic, she developed a service heart that understands sacrifice through expectations. Her inquisitive search for truth behind suffering and self-manifestation only was fueled by her studies in philosophy, parapsychology, theocentric psychology, and Ministry. Taking nearly 30 years of Self-Defense experience, training and teaching, she has honed in her perception into the fears and reservations within the individual and mass consciousness, to discover those deep seeded truths that are the hidden key to unlocking our potential. She is spiritual seer and medicine woman unlike any other, and demonstrates a Humility of the Soul and eye of the heart that can only be gained by those who truly have experienced the death and rebirth of the self. Her process and life is not for the feint of heart but for the aspiring Spiritual Warrior. 


“You are where you are, not because of where you have been, but because of where you are going"... 

..."Our lives, my life, is one in the same but from a different perspective. We are all connected and our separation from others due to self-worth, is only half the picture and is therefore destructive, just as our connection to everything but our life-built foundation. It isn't until we better our matter that we transform our world. Our world is of our creation, we only need to realize that NOW is a tree in a much, much, larger growing forest. 


Interdisciplinary training, from physical, mental, and emotional, to the spiritual and beyond. Teaching and training others through self-defense, meditation techniques, awareness, and psychic development she enhances ones voice, vision, and veneration. 

Through healing, guided meditation, and communication, she connects the heart. 

As a Root Medicine Woman with many modalities at her resource, she helps to Grow ones Roots, Will, and Identity. 


Through the Holistic process of all works, the passion of liberation for the human spirit is done one being at a time. 

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