Trauma & Post Traumatic Sress Disorder

Trauma can make it difficult to manage expectations and belief. We can either suffer from our senses or we can channel them.

Many who have experienced some sort of traumatic situation continue to experience the after affects psychologically and emotionally.  Of those people some even manifest physical health issues and develop interpersonal relationships problems. Although, many do recover emotionally from accidents, abuse, and even physical, emotional, and mental assault, there are those who end up enduring more long-term effects and are often diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

This occurs not only in veterans and those who experience life threatening situations as most would believe, but it affects millions of people around the world. It can happen from something as simple as falling off a bike or a horse. Any wound or injury that does not properly heal can eventually fester, compounding pain and grief.


Trauma also can create avoidance or hyper vigilance. Either forgetting, block and numbing the memories and pain, or hyper focusing on them and manifesting them everywhere we go, only to seek solutions to the perceived threat at any cost.

Both of these situations affect the neurophysiological health over time decreasing one’s health and wellbeing. Trauma if left unhealed will impact one’s quality of living. 


Cycle of Despair Reinforced by Social Environments

Often those who try to seek understanding, acceptance,  or support from friends or family, are left feeling invalidated due to others trying to help the one suffering to feel better or manage without comprehending the triggered state, and thus making it worse. It often feels like someone telling you the snake isn’t there as you are feeling it bite you over and over again.


Many are not diagnosed with PTSD, but are often left to believe they have minor symptoms of depression, anxiety, or mood imbalances. Where this may be the case, all are states that can be transformed from the core outward. Some extreme cases will require clinical management until a “normal state” can be achieved that allows for transformation to take place. If you have suffered from any of the affects from experiencing trauma, we may be able to help with alternative therapy.


How Will Transformational Therapy Help You Recover From Trauma?

We believe that the stress from the trauma is less to do with people's inability to adapt to a "normal" world (having a maladaptive psychology or disorder), and more due to people's inability or desire to normally adapt to a ever changing world.  

"When people suffer a traumatic event, two things usually result: What was trusted in no longer holds true, making them doubt the program and/or doubt themselves, and societal fear takes hold. Or they trust in what feat of innate power emerged, making them believe in themselves and/or believe in mankind, and confidence takes hold. ​" Dr. Rev Kasemir -Alchemy for the Soul

Depending on the nature of the traumatic event, certain Clair-abilities were blasted open, and without proper training, which our society greatly lacks in this area, they can become sort of a nuisance and the sights, sounds, "knowings", and feelings that are unexplainable create and reinforce more stress.  By providing a safe, supportive, and confidential space to learn about what ability is and how it affects you, you can then begin to gain tools of empowerment that will help you to identify your healing requirements and  achieve your ideal future state.

Our methods allow for a proper space to converse about the traumatic event safely and with proper perspectives, which allows you to process the emotional, mental, and physical energy that was left. We can help transform your state of being into one the serves your life goals and purpose. No longer do you need to live with the disorder or its stigma, now you can transform it into a gift that serves you, your family, and even humanity. It will offer validation for the pain you have suffered.

Some goals are simple and others complex, we can help with both:


Know thyself without the anxiety or stress. 

Feeling prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

Feel enthusiastic for anything the world can offer.

I want to understand and accept what happened so I can move forward.

I want independence and freedom from feeling incapable of managing myself and my environment.

I want self-worth.

I want sound sleep and be able to manage daily activities better.


All our therapies help in healing trauma. Many were specifically created to address trauma. With a world full of change, it is inevitable foe anyone to experience it in their life. These healing and transformational tools are not just to heal the past, but also to prepare you for the future and what it holds.

Let us journey together…

We are all connected and being able to reestablish it helps to prevent isolation, alienation, and estrangement. Stop feeling alone and misunderstood, and instead feel empowered and alive.


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