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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Martial Arts School


Teaching Self-Defense Since 2006

The IMA system was founded by Sensei J Kasemir, based in discovery through the years of training in Self-defense since 1992. The Warrior Course, provides effective martial arts training, for individuals of all ages, abilities, orientations, and lifestyles, helps to transform the mindset and abilities of each individual to suit there own personal style of defense.

Warrior Classes

Our Warrior course consists of Interdisciplinary Arts encompassing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Krav, 5 Animal Shaolin, Kenpo, and more. We teach Tactical, Practical, and Classical principles and strategies geared for effective training while maintaining the heart and mind of an honorable warrior. Our methodology is about training the person through the art to master oneself. We believe that where the individual holds no diffidence, conflict, judgement, or shadow within, they will not have it outside of themselves.

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Fridays - 7pm (Advance Class)

Stop throwing dice and feeling that life is about chance. Learn how to interpret and foresee other's actions before they make decisions. This is a Martial Arts Divination class.

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Tuesdays -7pm

Learn the art of extension and opportunity. You are your greatest weapon. The mind and heart. Any object in your hand when understanding its nature can be made to be an extension of yourself. Find the harmony with your environment.

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Personal Instruction

Available weekly in 30-120 min increments.

1-4 Students in a tailored class that refines and builds efficacy of contact and form training. Study with those that compliment your training and learning style in an approach that is more collaborative and geared towards personal development versus over all focus. Improve your fitness, technique, and personal style. 

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Thursdays - 7pm

If you have only worked to the air, or just on the bags, then you are missing out on necessary training. Break a sweat, have some fun, but get serious when understanding the fundamentals of what real contact conditioning is about.

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Group Classes

M-F 7pm

Join a Community of Warriors that are here for Self Discipline and are focused on advancing skill and technique over competing for titles. Push each other to kick higher and harder, punch quicker and more accurate, move and avoid for strategic positioning. All while maintaining safety and etiquette.

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Sparring & Hand to Hand

Advance Class

From long distance training of avoidance and evasion, to close range locks, throws, and takedowns, this class covers all of it. Nothing says reality like a little contact conditioning. Discover why proper training starts without gear.

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Children's Course

M-F  -  5:30-6:30 pm,  Sat 11-12

Let your kids learn the warrior spirit of traditional Martial Arts. Its about the balance between offense and defense, mind and body, heart and brain, not the you and the other guy.  Effort. Discipline. Accountability. Anticipation. Character. Above all, Respect.

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Tai Chi

Saturdays - 12 noon

Study the art of centering and balancing, both the mind and the body. Learn the art through mediation movement, breath and balance, contact and application. 

Karate Belt
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