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Interdisciplinary Martial Arts

What is IMA?

Our Promise

Our Promise

“We DEDICATE ourselves to providing the best experience to each and every one of our students through true personalized training. Our mission is to IMPACT & EMPOWER students lives by providing Martial Arts training structured towards maximizing the benefits, and ingraining the principles, of a long established tradition. We wish to create a SAFE & HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT built on humility and integrity. We shall foster GENUINE respect and encourage OPEN COMMUNICATION between all. These principles are to ensure constant improvement for students and instructors. We shall STRIVE to maintain quality instruction and training available for all students regardless of ability or difference. We COMMIT our focus towards personal growth, individual enlightenment and universal awareness. We wish to lead a new way of the Martial Arts and journey towards the reality of the changing world today, by CREATING BETTER COMMUNITIES.”