Holistic Wellness

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Restart your Self-Awakening with a Wellness Intensive



              hether you are looking to heal and reawaken, enhance your fitness regime or get in touch with you spiritual higher self, we have some wellness packages just for you to recharge, restore, and transform.

             ellness & Fitness Guides

Mind-Fullness Meditation 

Sport Science  

Herbal Medicine

Yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong

Spiritual Counseling & Development

& More!




During these turbulent and stressful times, we will continue to stay open and care for our new clients and valued members, in a way that maintains safety, a sense of freedom, and access to essential health resources.

Begin Your Wellness Transformation Here

Explore our services to create a personal path of wellness starting from stress reduction, body therapy, mental wellness, emotional and spiritual balancing, and even yoga and meditation. If you choose a more sacred path of personalized work, our staff of healers, fitness and spiritual guides will co-create a tailored program to fit your needs utilizing our range of holistic medicine, shamanic and psychic healing, and holistic therapies.

Health & Wellness

Warrior Fitness

Package Sessions starting at $675

Our physical healing therapies are designed to help identify and treat areas of energetic imbalances, trapped emotion or traumatic memories, improperly healed matter, and more, for achieving optimal physical health maintaining internal and external symbiosis no matter the outside lifestyle you live.

Choose from sports science, Anthromancy, Static Trigger Release, Dynamic Core Development, Structural and Chakra Alignment, Stretch and Strength Restoration, Mood Balancing.

Programs include private lessons, In person or virtual group classes, Infrared Sauna, and Alternative Physical Therapy.

Emotional Detox

Package Sessions starting at $1000

Detoxing emotions stored in the body and mind can boost immunity, improve memory, reduce exhaustion, balance hormones, and release old traumas. In addition, it allows the spirit to bring clarity to the five senses of consciousness, and awaken the sixth sense through total alignment.

Take your pick: Meditation for Busy Minds, Shamanic Massage, Healing Touch, Core Sync, Healing Anthromancy, Ayurvedic or Herbal Love.

Programs include private sessions, In person or virtual group classes and tutorials, Infrared Sauna, and Alternative Holistic Therapy and counseling.

Stress & Spiritual Science

Package Sessions starting at $1150

Are you feeling burnout or on the edge of Spiritual collapse? For anyone who deeply wishes to restore and recover from unknown ailments, or calm the nervous system, these methods are intensive healing therapies designed to address the root energetic cause and clear your path to joy and elation.

Healing therapies to dive into: Relax-Renew-For a new you, Root Medicine Reading, Auric & House Attunement, Yoga-Yin, , The Astrology Key, Alchemical or Existential Assessment and Treatment

Motivation & Manifestation

Package Sessions starting at $850

Your over the spa and fluff and are needing a supercharged and "Hyper-Healing Overhaul", right?  Well for anyone seeking a kick butt take names and rev those engines intensive, we know how to push you to break through your limits!   Get the support and strength to face any challenge, target any habit, and enhance your ability overcome any life related stress including anxiety, grief, anger, depression, or doubt. 

Spiritual focused holistic programs to energize your life: Kundalini-Kempo™©, Manic Meditation, Shamanic Spirit Walk, Drive & Thrive, Quantum Dive 

Programs include private sessions and training lessons, in person or virtual group classes and tutorials, Infrared Sauna, and Alternative Holistic Therapy and counseling, Alternative Physical Therapy.

Executive Treatment

Package Sessions starting at $4500

Your team can evolve at a energetic level; performance enhancement is our specialty. Imagine better communication, focus, loyalty, and respect. Let us synergize your group through our courses that heal mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Business Bundled Bonuses: Team Building, Clair Communication, Work as you Train, Vision and Being Development


*** Limit to 10 Employees Per Package, Covid-19 Safety Protocol***

Programs include personalized sessions, in person or virtual group classes and tutorials, Infrared Sauna, and Alternative Holistic  & Physical Therapy and Spiritual and business counseling.