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What is IMA?

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What is The Way? How is it discovered through Martial Arts? How well can we know it today as it was known back 2-3000 yrs ago? We at 8 Hands Martial Arts Center for Interdisciplinary Martial Arts Instruction guide every student to knowing the art and themselves, discussing the meanings of truth, justice, necessary defense, personal perception and belief, and the dynamics of our world, privately socially and publicly. We leave it open for students to critique and analyze, to question the effectiveness of their movements and discover what is hidden in the art and find the meaning behind it. Some may discover that on their path, there is no meaning left today in the art but what knowledge and truth they put in it. For some, finding a new love for the kata (forms) through deeper understanding is a benefit in training. Furthermore, students find the lost connections between all the disciplines and how they overlap, differ, and even assist one another. One of the main cornerstones of interdisciplinary training is that the student bridges the internal world (qi, thought, and emotion) with the external world (mass, time, and place) through healing, meditation, and physical movement (dynamic and static).

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