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What is IMA?

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Solving the Unknown

Solving the Unknown

Within the last 60 years, Martial Arts leaders have been on a mission to solve the problem of finding an applicable defense for modern times, while still respecting the traditions. Because of modern application and specialized approaches, we feel that the traditional disciplines alone are unable to address the real issues today. The old traditions were created in a time far different than today, and the art today has lost perspective of what made the old tradition effective in its time. We strongly feel that this breaking down and specializing has taken the majority of loyal followers farther from the solution. Even though technology has advanced civilization, we must not forget what is always present: the effectiveness of ancient practice was the focus on what is unseen and natural. When we remove physical movement and material perspective, we can “see” the reality of what is. Energy is the key to all that is. We look to find again that which the old masters knew.

With globalization and the internet, language and computers have proven effective in bridging understanding and correcting long thought-of truths we now find possibly detrimental to the way of mankind. Bringing the disciplines back together, including some of the newest inter-disciplines will clear up misinterpretations and contractions that both new students and old find within the art. We no longer neglect the very nature of the Healing and Martial Arts.

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