Our Story


Panthers Gate is a mystic school of alchemy that utilizes martial arts, esoteric studies, and metaphysical tools & plant medicine to help people heal and transform their lives from the inside out.

Panthers Gate is a school for awakening ones innate potential. We have a metaphysical shop & apothecary, martial arts school and events center for fairs, workshops and gatherings



Independently studying many texts from banned and ancient writings, the occult, and philosophical to more the esoteric, and controversial, has brought about a great vast knowledge that when understood collectively, illuminates the divinity with in.


The Three Keys


The Three Keys of Illumination are practiced daily by the gatekeepers. Keeping the Mind, Body, and Spirit in harmony and under the process of transformation is a dedicated path followed by few. Here at Panthers Gate the practitioners work on the transformation of Self, using the alchemy process of the Hermetic Seal that combines Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. They study works of many spiritual texts and other Great Works of past great minds, to follow the wisdom they recorded. 

Longtime returning members find deeper meaning and practices beyond the basic programs, hidden within the philosophy of the three keys. We invite anyone who is willing to undertake a life journey seeking spiritual development.

The school provides for the interested, the Three Keys,

a path to personal development.

  • The first key is provided by expanding the Mind through studies, workshops, lectures, and study groups. Sharpening it through discourse, Q&A, writing, and meditation.

  • The second key is given through the classes of martial arts, Tai Chi, and IMA Yoga. By conditioning the body, creating health and physical strength, the well being of a student is enhanced allowing for higher intuition and vitality. 

  • The third key is for the development of the spirit, and with the community activities, celebrations, and ceremonies, everyone achieves the collective belonging and feeling of unity. By coming together and sharing in experiences the spiritual connection in everyone is intensified and enables authenticity.




"The first thing that attracted me to this amazing establishment was the deep sense of care Sensei Jeannette puts into every individuals needs. Customizing each session with your personal goals in mind, all the wile encouraging high level development. Seeing many people of all ages and skill sets coming out a better person is what keeps me around. The staff and trainers here are very passionate about what they do, makes it a really great place that can meet many different needs. From the psychical exercise of the body and mind, to the metaphysical side of life. I highly recommend this place to anybody on the path of bettering themselves and their children!" -Bailey



"IMA challenges me on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It asks me to show up for myself in ways that I once avoided in the past. I have become a better person since I started my training and continue to learn something new every class. Not only have I become more confident and self-aware, but I have seen my body transform without extraneous exercise. My flexibility is off the charts and I am so grateful for the healing of my emotional wellbeing thanks to Sensei Jeannette and her intuitive guidance and teachings." - April




"Training here changed my life for the better. Looking back now after almost 4 years of being a student I have accomplished many things that would not have been possible without the guidance of Sensei Jeannette and the support of my fellow students. I weened myself off my antidepressants that I now no longer need them, gained over 50 lbs. of muscle (went from a size small to a size large), started to believe in myself again, and gained an amazing family. To all those who are looking to become something greater, I highly recommend training here." - Sang