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Esoteric, Psychic & Self-Defense Center

December 4th & 5th 2021 11am - 5pm 357 Mountain Ave Berthoud, CO 80513.png

Welcome to a community where transformation is a lifestyle. Here, you are immersed in your intention and compassionately guided with mindfulness and spiritual practices to cultivate lasting change.

With integrative services, workshops, and healing treatments supporting the full spectrum of holistic wellness, we can guide you to transforming your vision of well-being into reality on a spiritual warrior path unique to you!

Work with a knowledgeable Gatekeeper to create a tailored experience!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide individuals on their path back home to themselves. When we have lost our ways, or no longer connect with the person we have come to be, many of us begin to question the purpose of life. We question: who we are, what we need, what we desire, and what is important in our waking days.


As the world shifts towards a new way of being, our physical, emotional, and spiritual connections speak louder the longer we resist the changes that come with growth.


At Panthers Gate our members begin to see their world shift from the internal mind as one views and sees the world from new eyes.

Our Vision

Our mission is to serve our communities as a beacon of neutrality in the world offering community where learning, growing, and exchanging knowledge and experience can impact our world and the individuals that create it.

Our Values

Diverse Union: communal discourse and events that honor a symposia of faith, morals, political views, and human identification.

Alchemical Transformation: Through Warrior training, Alchemy study, Psychic Development, Day/Weekend Retreats and events & workshops, we foster a lifestyle of transformation and immersion for the attainment of truth, accountability, discipline, and respect.

Philosophy of Service: The Gate Keeper Community runs completely on the devoted service of every independent person here. Each student who has committed to the lifestyle of transformation both in PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL development provides non-paid service to every client who attends events and supports the retail shop. The profits build the events and the school services. The students of the professional academy build their business within the umbrella of the Gate Keeper Community and your support comes through seeking their individual expertise. Learn More...

Spiritual Community: Through daily tea offerings, tea bar and lounge, Group classes and workshops, we are brought together to meditate, exchange theories and world perceptions, teach and learn from each other, and build a grounded and practical spiritual community.

Our Work

We are a center for spiritual development through deprogramming habits, beliefs, and false self image, to rebuild faith, love, compassion, and patience for ourselves and others.

Healing: To heal physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally -- through martial arts, yoga, and tai chi, to the esoteric practices of magic and science combined.

Progress and Success: To help staff and members alike, attain self-realization, we focus on accountability of truth. Transformation does not happen overnight if it is done at the core. The realization of truth does not appear at once, but gradually, depending on the purification of the attainment, until individuals discover what matter below they hold and can release, in order to discover to what degree from above they can embody. "One can not simply overwrite their mind and body to change, they must transform through setting a fire to that which no longer serves the greater good" -Dr. Kasemir

Root & Branch: As above in the world of potential so is in quality and quantity the world below in actuality.  As with our staff so is our members. We are the roots and through thought create from above our mission and vision for humanity and self. You our members are the branches below that reflect what is created at Panthers Gate. Like all things of life and knowledge, we as a tree will grow and develop together. "The future is what we must behold and the past are the tools for today" -Dr. Kasemir

Humanity To Be: Together people from all walks of life can when united promote the voice of power in diversity and awareness through inner peace and acceptance.


Upcoming Events

When you travel down the rabbit hole of existential being, connections deepen and widen. The more you engage the more you will be aligned and know thyself.

December 4th & 5th 2021 11am - 5pm 357 Mountain Ave Berthoud, CO 80513.png