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UPDATE 4-23-2020​

Panthers Gate will re-open and resume services starting Monday April 27th with specific precautions and guidelines in lieu of the state of affairs. We will be enforcing mandatory cleaning and requesting our clientele to wear masks and honoring social distance.

* Limited to mask wearing patrons.
* Private lessons

* Groups classes of 5 or less (pre-registration required)
* Delivery & Zoom meetings will be a permanent addition for those who wish to continue that service.
* Scheduling is a first come first serve basis for healings and readings
* Any symptomatic people are asked to call in for services.
*** For the SAFETY of all staff and patrons we will adhere to strict protocol and will kindly ask people to leave who are not wearing masks or being courteous to the health and well-being of others.

Open 11-3pm (Deep Cleaning 3-3:30pm)
Open 3:30-6pm (Deep Cleaning 6-6:30pm)
Open 6:30-9pm

Open 11-3pm

--The shop & apothecary will be open for appointments and curbside pick up. We have over 100 herbs and essential oils available. 

--Private lessons, Psychic Readings, and Shamanic Healings are available by appointment in person, over the phone or zoom.

--Contact us at or call 970-344-5729


We look forward to reconnecting with everyone! 



Explore the world of martial arts & metaphysics 


Students at Panthers Gate develop personal character attributes that help them achieve their goals, dreams, and desires. By learning to stand up for themselves and what they believe in, they cultivate respect for themselves, and receive it from others. We specialize in individual instruction, plus every member receives additional training in partner and group settings by personal trainers with integrity, a wealth of knowledge, and an eye on safety. 



upcoming workshops 





Image by Joshua Newton

Introduction to Shamanism


Spiritual Warriors


As the world awakens, we find our soul calling out for guidance through these times of transition. Today, more humans are seeking connection back to their roots with nature.


We seek a place where our higher self becomes an observer to this life experience and our spirit awakens the warrior to persevere towards the days of enlightenment.


Panthers Gate invites you to see what is possible when your body, your mind, and your spirit come into alignment to serve the evolution of this planet and humans alike. Are you ready for an alchemic transformation?

Upcoming Events

UPDATE 4-23-2020

Stay posted on group classes, events and workshops while we continue following government protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patrons. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone in due time. Stay hydrated, grounded, and focused on the silver lining.

May the world heal. 


At Panthers Gate, our mission is to create a community gathering place where you can pause from the chaos of daily life. We believe this place will restore the mind, body and spirit. Walk and explore, sit and conversate, or check out a book and read. Engage your mind with our quaint library of metaphysical, esoteric, and Martial Arts books that encourages you to contemplate, question, and explore. Interact with others from the spiritual community through conversations that promote learning from and connecting to each other. 

We look forward to connecting!

Please feel free to contact Panthers Gate by phone or email. If you would like to schedule a lesson, reading or learn more about your programs, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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