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Explore the world of martial arts & metaphysics 

Language of the Chakras

Our current society has relied on the use and structure of verbal dialog for so long that we have lost authenticity and often find ourselves confused as to why people just do not get us. In the course Energy of Language,  you will begin to hear yours and others silent intentions and unspoken thoughts and beyond surface conversations that seem to leave us feeling unheard, undervalued and misunderstood. The language used in this course will help you to naturally awaken so that you do not have to put too much effort in as your awareness deepens over time. This system provides a deprogramming and disciplined means of self-realization and spiritual transformation.

1:1 Psychic Development

Learn our approach to the mystical lifestyle is founded on Spiritualism, Alchemy, and Self-Defense, respectively. The philosophy is established by Dr. Rev. Jeannette Kasemir explores how the different levels of Mental






consciousness acts as a bridge between matter and potential, and how it affects the individual. This is a weekly group meeting that teaches Telepathy, all Clair-abilities, Remote Viewing, Divination, Anthromancy, Spiritual Business development, Deprogramming, and more. To Register or Set up a Complimentary Assessment to find out if this class is right for you

Existential Consultation & Guidance


Work 1:1 with an Existential Consultant and Guide to assist in your journey of freeing the mind from a mental prison of paradigms, belief systems and self-fulfilled prophecies. If you are ready to leap into the abyss of existential nothingness and rebuild your life on your own terms, beliefs, and mindset then jump on a free call with an existential guide that is ready to help.

We guide you to clear your "Episodic Memory Network" of false impressions by calcinating your belief system, or in other words, DECODING the PARADIGMS that your subconscious hardwired for backup.

We will teach you how to access information through all sense factories and will provide you with the tools for independent self-direction.​

When you travel down the rabbit hole of existential being, connections deepen and widen. The more you engage the more you will be aligned and know thyself.

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This complimentary lesson is a great opportunity to learn more about the school and the services we provide, as well as time for you (or you and loved ones) to talk about your goals, desires and interests within the school. We look forward to connecting!

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