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Welcome to a community where personal development and transformation are a lifestyle.

Here, you are immersed in your wellness intention and compassionately guided with mindfulness

and metaphysical practices and philosophy to cultivate lasting change.

With over a decade in business, what are our clients saying?

Treva Enga

"The courses and spiritual assessments created by Jeannette have provided us with needed insight, deepening our understanding of ourselves, each other, highlighting the weaknesses and strengths in our marriage..."

With integrative services, workshops, and healing treatments supporting the full spectrum of mind body wellness, we can guide you in transforming your vision of well-being into reality on a spiritual warrior path that is unique to you!

Who We Are

Panthers' Gate is a metaphysical store and a school of spiritual alchemy​ that utilizes martial arts, occult studies, modern alchemy, and plant medicine to help people heal and transform their lives from the inside out.

Panthers' Gate is a resource for awakening one's innate potential. Throughout our three Colorado locations we house a metaphysical shop and apothecary, martial arts school, and events center for fairs, workshops, and gatherings.

Teaching Philosophy

The Three Keys of Illumination are practiced daily at our metaphysical school here in Colorado. As a transformational process, keeping the Mind, Body, and Spirit in wellness and harmony is a dedicated path followed by few. Through our classes, services, and events, practitioners work towards a transformation of Self. They study many spiritual texts and other works of past great minds in order to follow their recorded wisdom. 

Longtime returning members find deeper meaning and practices beyond the basic programs, hidden within the philosophy of the Three Keys. We invite anyone who is willing to undertake a life journey seeking spiritual development.

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