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Spiritual Greetings!

What is it you seek? To find who you are and what your purpose in life is?  To discover life or empower it? To achieve personal or professional success? To heal yourself or learn how to heal others? To see into the past, present, or future? To contact a past loved one or hold a ceremony or ritual to honor them? To create your alter or replenish your supplies for ritual? Begin  in the shop with the finest herbs, the purest oils, specialty made candles,  potent charms and spirit bags handmade by local practitioners, staff, and the head owner, Mambo-Rus. Further hone your lifestyle and practice in classes and workshops held by Rev. Kasemir, Red Willow, Panthers Paw, Red Blade and the other shop Acolytes who honor the old ways, divine fortunes, handcraft spells and tools, and live every day surrounded by the world of mysticism. We welcome you to visit Panthers Gate both in Boulder and in Berthoud!

Three Paths
for Intuitive Development & Discipline of the Mind






Spiritual Warrior


The path of a Warrior, training the body physically to shift their emotional patterns

Physical Discipline focused on body mechanics, strength, self-defense skills, internal & external energy, exercises and martial artist mentality

Interdisciplinary Martial Arts:

Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Weapons, Yoga & More

*Warrior Classes Only


Learn the ways of an Alchemist and how to transmute ones beliefs and new tools of understanding ones energy

Spiritual Discipline focused on internal development through spiritual alchemy and explore tools of divination and intuition to expand ones gifts and perceptions

Intuitive Development:

Spiritual Guidance, Divination, Alchemy

*Alchemist Classes Only


Walking the path of a Spiritual Warrior means letting go of everything you once believed about life and moving beyond the gates into a world

of the unknown.

Holistic Discipline focused on bringing harmony to one’s Mind, Body and Soul. Incorporates psychic development, intuition, physical & energetic training.

Psychic Alchemy, Alchemy, IMA Martial Arts, Divination

*All Exclusive Access to PG Classes*



Psychic Alchemy
6pm Mondays & Tuesdays


Learn our approach to the mystical lifestyle is founded on Spiritualism, Alchemy, and Self-Defense, respectively. The philosophy is established by Dr. Rev. Jeannette Kasemir explores how the different levels of Mental consciousness acts as a bridge between matter and potential, and how it affects the individual.


This is a weekly group meeting that teaches Telepathy, all Clair-abilities, Remote Viewing, Divination, Anthromancy, Spiritual Business development, Deprogramming, and more. To Register, set up a Complimentary Assessment to find out if this class is right for you


Tarot, Dreamwork & more
6pm Fri

Sunday Gong Bath
Alt 1st Sunday of the month between Boulder & Berthoud

Alchemy for the Soul 

signed by Dr. Rev. J. Kasemir

This is a book about the Practice of Alchemy, specifically the first stage. Take a journey as you turn each page and dive deep into calcination, the stage of burning away what doesn't serve you.  With practices in meditation, journaling, and reflection this book helps initiate you through the first step of transformation and gives you the key to beginning your life as a spiritual alchemist - all of our school members practice spiritual alchemy, and this book is your opportunity for individual study.

This book will help inspire a new and more personal purpose in your life and in those around you!



Herbal Alchemy


Dive into the world of plants in our herbal alchemy class for all ages! You will learn about different plants, medicinal properties, tea blends and more!

On Wednesdays at 4:30pm we offer a complimentary junior apothecary class for kids! Please call ahead to let us know you will be attending!


Tarot - Herbs & Teas - Crystals - Candles - Books & More

Martial Arts


Kids & Adult Classes

Adults: 6pm Mon-Thurs
Kids: 5pm Mon-Thurs 11am Sat

Tai Chi
5:30pm Wed & 12pm Sat


At Panthers Gate we believe that a true spiritual warrior practices healing and combat.  In times of peace training hard and technical prepares the warrior to deescalate and not fear death or pain. In time of War (which seems to be ongoing in these modern times) the need for internal conditioning and healing is essential for repair and perseverance, to aid the warrior in their respect of self, life and connection to others and nature.  Without both combat and healing, the warrior is incomplete in their practice and being. The lifestyle of the Spiritual warrior is the main focus of Panthers Gate. 



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Panthers Gate is now OPEN in Boulder!
1629 Canyon Blvd. 
Yes, Berthoud is still there ;) 


Existential Consultation & Guidance

Work 1:1 with an Existential Consultant and Guide to assist in your journey of freeing the mind from a mental prison of paradigms, belief systems and self-fulfilled prophecies. If you are ready to leap into the abyss of existential nothingness and rebuild your life on your own terms, beliefs, and mindset then jump on a free call with an existential guide that is ready to help.

We guide you to clear your "Episodic Memory Network" of false impressions by calcinating your belief system, or in other words, DECODING the PARADIGMS that your subconscious hardwired for backup.

We will teach you how to access information through all sense factories and will provide you with the tools for independent self-direction.​

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When you travel down the rabbit hole of existential being, connections deepen and widen. The more you engage the more you will be aligned and know thyself.

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Mother Kasemir is a veteran and martial arts Sensei who created Panthers Gate for others to heal, be free and create a life of purpose. Her work specializes in trauma, deep rooted fears, uncovering ones shadows and transmuting them, as well as her psychic work with clients. She is the author of Alchemy for the Soul and a guide, friend and mentor for all her students.

To book a session, please call 720-899-7997 for scheduling

Schedule a Complimentary lesson 

This complimentary lesson is a great opportunity to learn more about the school and the services we provide, as well as time for you (or you and loved ones) to talk about your goals, desires and interests within the school. We look forward to connecting!